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  1. Stalking/hunting in Denmark

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations for hunting in Denmark. I will likely be visiting next year and wanted to know if there were any opportunities that I could look into. Thanks in advance - Mike
  2. Flight case Has anyone tried one of these? I am after a cheap flight case and wanted to get some advice from SD before...
  3. Bergara B14 Finish

    Gents and Ladies, Struggling to find a definitive answer on web, apologies if it has been covered before, what is the finish on the B14s? Is it a coating like cerakote or are they blued? Regards, Michael
  4. Veniham for crimbo

    First run on the new curing chamber and pretty pleased with the result. One ham, venison top side, taken into work and eaten as fast as I could slice it and the second one vacpacked for Christmas. Hopefully do salami next - does anyone have any good recipies ? Mike
  5. Winchester - xpr

    I would be interested to hear the views of those who own/stalk with the Winchester xpr. Need an estate/guest rifle, they seem to fit the bill and would like some advice from those in the know. Looking at a .308 to cover all bases. Cheers, Mike
  6. Fishing on the River Taw

    Gents, I am hopefully going to have a couple of days on the River Taw. I will mostly be trout fishing, but would like to at least cast a line for sea trout. This is not something I have much experience of. Can anyone give me some advice on tackle and flies that will work for the sea trout? Mike
  7. Game Dealer Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire

    Morning all, Can someone recommend me a game dealer in the area? Looking for somewhere to take the odd roe. Many thanks, Mike
  8. Worth measuring?

    Opinions please, I shot this gentleman the weekend of the CLA. Boiled him yesterday and he weighs 490grs. I think he might scrape bronze, but I am not sure..... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Regards, Mike
  9. Butler creek sizes

    Can anyone with a duralyt (3-12x50) and butler creek covers tell me what sizes I need to buy? (I am not at home to measure as i am away from home working, but with all the wet weather i think i need to get some.) Many thanks, Mike
  10. Looking for a Harkila Expert.

    Gents, I would like to pick your brains. I would like to purchase myself a harkila jacket as a late Christmas pressie. I am going to order it online because they are a little bit cheaper so I was hoping to get some advice on sizing and which jacket to buy. Firstly, I would like to know if it...
  11. Inadvertent Rewilding

    BBC News - Wolf on the run, two shot dead after Colchester Zoo escape Lets see what happens here then....:popcorn:
  12. Deer in the news.

    I am always interested when our sport pops up in the news. I saw this on Friday and thought it may be of interest: Wildlife management: Estate of nature | The Economist Regards, Mike
  13. Another Londonites adventure’s

    Evening Gents, Just a quick write up of a Saturday spent with 270wsm and Herbert from this site. I was lucky enough to get a decent Job offer two weeks ago and decided that I deserved a treat. Bizarrely, being a shooter was actually really helpful in the interview, but that is a story for...
  14. Charity Auction.

    Gents,I am attending an ABF charity do at Sandhurst this Saturday. I am currently helping to compile the list of lots and I was wondering if anyone on the site would be willing to offer a stalking session this winter season that we could put up for the auction.A decent bottle of single malt...
  15. Which Rifle(S)?

    Gents your advice please? I have been asked to do a bit of culling on a farm that has munties, but the farmer also wants some hares shot. My ticket recently came back with .223 for the smaller species and i thought that i might try it instead of lugging round a rimfire and the stalking rifle...
  16. Sandhurst Charity Auction ABF

    Gents, I have a massive favour to ask, but given the recent generosity shown on the forum I am hoping someone can help. A very good friend of mine has asked me to a charity event at RMAS for the army benevolence fund in November. He knows that I shoot and has asked me if I would be able to...
  17. Anyone heard of or been here?

    Some mates from uni are planning on taking a trip to this place: They will mostly being going to fish and shoot, but I fancy a day on the hills as I have never shot reds before. Just wondering if any one had any experience of the place/area etc Regards Mike
  18. Happy 21st

    Gentlemen you advice please, I have recently been approached by a guy I work with for some adviceabout stalking and was hoping you could help me out. He is about to turn 21 andwould like to go stalking as part of his birthday celebrations. Due...
  19. Wales 3000 H4H

    Me and a couple of lads from my TA unit are doing Wales 3000 in March for H4H. Wales 3000 involves climbing 15 peaks all over 3000ft in under 24hrs and we shall be doing this dressed as lord of the rings characters for comic value :doh:. Any donations would be very welcome; you can donate...
  20. Hello from london.

    Hello All, I have been watching the forum for some time and have finally decided to take the plunge. I am a 23 year old masters student living in London, where I split my time between the TA and avoiding doing essays. I am originally from south wales and have been interested in...