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  1. Wanted: M14x1 .30 mod £85 plus RFD postage
  2. Virginia (USA) gun laws

    Travel to places like problem. Travel to Chicago on the other hand, be prepared as everything needs to be in order and you need to be POLITE....:cool: They are never happy to see firearms and will make you feel very uncomfortable given the opportunity
  3. Flying with a rifle on EasyJet.

    Airports are all different.... Gatwick are a right pain and generally the smalller the airport the easier it present :-| A couple of years ago I had an issue with Gatwick security who insisted that somewhere around 5mg of pretty well empty tube of grease, inside the gun case...
  4. Flying with a rifle on EasyJet.

    Easyjet like most airlines want ammo to go in with hold luggage. CAA guidelines do not specify that they need to be in a separate locked case although you will sometimes find someone involved with the airline or security that will say otherwise. Most of the time if they are shown CAA...
  5. Sako carbon wolf

    It is. I could shoot mine freehand comfortably. At 4.9kg it’s not light but balanced and will feel lighter and steady to shoot moving target. I guess you would also be using a lighter scope than what I use, possibly an aimpoint, and either no moderator or a lighter mod than what I use.
  6. For Sale: Tikka M55 Sporter - .22/250

    Yes you’d need a slot
  7. For Sale: Tikka M55 Sporter - .22/250

    Scope can go for £250 plus whatever the postage is or collection. T8 can go for £70 plus the postage or collection. I travel the country a fair bit so can maybe arrange a meeting point for anyone who may want them
  8. For Sale: Tikka M55 Sporter - .22/250

    One last bump
  9. Roe buck stalked & shot at 23 meters

    Must have been a 6.5 Creedmoor o_O :lol:
  10. Roe buck stalked & shot at 23 meters

    Just a quick calculation to compare POI, leaning sticks forward or backwards or keeping them vertical. Guessed a few dimensions, it'll vary a bit as the dimension between the end of the stock and support hand on the sticks varies from shooter to shooter. So with estimated dimensions (haven't...
  11. Roe buck stalked & shot at 23 meters

    Agree.......keep them coming. I know how hard it is to get good footage whilst actually stalking :rolleyes:
  12. Perazzi m8

    Reliably told that cased new, they are near £10k but too much for a well worn one.
  13. Browning 725

    I'm the same....... if it works, keep it. Just wasting money, however one of the main reasons for change is to look for an advantage, an improvement, the "magic answer".......... there isn't one, just decent technique and the proper application of that technique.. Saying that, if it wasn't...
  14. Roe buck stalked & shot at 23 meters

    Agree with that one. A small degree of forward/backward sway of the body will produce significant vertical POI change, somewhat nullifying one of the advantages of a twin stick.
  15. Sako carbon wolf

    Took mine for a walk again yesterday afternoon.....could have shot a number of roe but still happy to leave them a couple of weeks. Couple of Sika caught me out laid on a hillside amongst dome Roe and then half a dozen Sika emerged from a block of woodland with about 30 mins light left. They...
  16. Binocular harness

    S4 Gear handed use, light, strong protection, comfortable, 2 different sizes available for better bino fit, holds binos to chest without movement and I've been using one for years, so no issues with longevity. What's not to like? Maybe a different colour??? Maybe looks a...
  17. Roe buck stalked & shot at 23 meters

    Can anyone pick fault in setup/shot? Video can be is a good analysis tool, well worth using and if you cannot get a proper view of the target, it's much better to video the shooter and shot.......It can be very interesting.
  18. Binocular harness

    S4 Gear Lockdown
  19. Is it possible to see the bullet strike from a .308?

    A very good point........seen a couple of videos on here from experienced shots who do not follow through with the shot, lifting their heads as soon as the shot is released.