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  1. Sold: Norma 7 rem mag brass

    13 count once fired brass as picked from range. Free to good home, just cover postage.
  2. A-lock mini

    I have just won an A tec H2 with a-lock mini bayonet fitting in a competition over here. Has anyone in the UK had the chance to test this combination yet?
  3. Vintage Kahles scope covers

    I asked for some scope covers to fit a helia 1-5x24i that I bought and they sent me these. The ocular is tiny. If anyone knows which optic they are for and need a set drop me a PM .
  4. For Sale: L.E Wilson 17 Remington neck die

    New in box. For use with arbor press. No bushing. £50 inc postage.
  5. For Sale: Nosler Custom 17 Remington brass (Norma)

    New, unopened box of 100. £100 posted
  6. What wood is this?

    What's in my log basket?
  7. Winter roe beds

    Just thought some of you might like to see some pics of roe beds in the snow. Not as impressive as an elk but never the less interesting.
  8. Terminology

    Heads have been discussed several times but another one that is frequently abused is calibre. Is the 243 Winchester a calibre or a cartridge? Discuss :D
  9. Blasers, owner experience?

    How many people who have bought Blaser straightpulls still use and are happy with them? I think most probably have had turnbolts and have "upgraded". Anyone "downgraded" after a period of use? I am sitting on the fence, I have nothing against them. All of them that I have seen or shot have shot...
  10. White roe deer buck

    White roebuck From Norway. Has even survived the winter. Photos by Even Hønsen Agerup.
  11. Zeiss ASV+

    Thinking about getting this fitted to my HT 3-12. Anyone with experience of system? Pros/cons? Practical use stalking?
  12. Varying reloading data

    I see that there have been questions recently regarding this subject. Powder data versus bullet manafacturers data etc. Vihtuavori data seems to change quite a bit as they update their load data more often than others. My question or really suggestion is, that if I have powder from x lot 2006...
  13. Three shot group last night

    Always get 2 almost touching and then a flyer :-)
  14. A passion for deerstalking book

    A few years ago I bought a mate a nice little book of deer stalking stories. I believe it was compiled by a guy called Jaeger and featured stories from several SD members. Does Anyone know if it was just a one off or were there other editions?
  15. First boar

    After 3 years and 6 trips I finally managed my first boar at Jagares place in Sweden :D. I have been lucky and had groups of boar in front of me twice before, just nothing shootable. This trip I was extra lucky because the boar have been absent for quite some time. After arriving on Monday...
  16. Parker Hale or pierce style jag

    Which type of jag do you use for cleaning your rifles? Which is best and why? Also, do you use the right calibre jag or smaller eg 22 for @243?
  17. 6BR article in shooting sports

    Hi. A long shot I know, but does anyone have a copy of the 6BR article Bruce Potts did in Shooting Sports 10-15 yrs ago?
  18. your centrefire rifles - moderated or not?

    Just wondering how many still shoot un moderated rifles, which cartridges and why? moderated unmoderated threaded with option to use or not undecided
  19. Stag 1933

    Has anybody heard anything from him recently? Haven't read a post from him for ages.
  20. Larsen traps

    How much of the effectiveness of the trap is based on having a call bird? I am thinking about building a Larsen type trap to take care of the magpies in the garden. I haven't checked the legislation but I am pretty sure that use of a call bird would be illegal here. I am thinking that it would...