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  1. Knife grinder

    Nice welding! although I suspect its your job. I can do one weld in 3 like that on a good day.
  2. Food you can't understand why some folk rave about it..

    KFC. The fact it comes in a bucket says it all.
  3. culling cormorants

    Unless its stipulated on your licence and is not specifically outlawed in some other legislation then its simply a case of not causing unnecessary suffering. I would say the HMR would do inside 100 yds.
  4. Adjusting towbar - new Defender

    Look how bad the ground clearance is!
  5. The Urban Deer Stalker

    Do what Ed says, you can buy dry aging bags these days that allow meat to breathe in the fridge but protect it from contamination.. i Haven’t trie them as I can hang a whole carcass but they sound interesting.. if you try them give us a report on here..
  6. Badger set - legal issues.

    I run an ecology and arboriculture business, we have two ecologists, I’m not one of them but I‘m fairly sure you could be liable if you just fill it in. The correct process will be call Natural England or SNH depending on where you are and ask for their advice, they may send out one of their own...
  7. Whats too expensive for a knife? Blade-smiths sticking together!!!

    When it comes to tools I’ve always been one for quality. I still have a britool spanner set that I bought 25 years ago. I have some nice knives which I have built myself recently but I don’t think id ever pay £400 for one. With quality tools you know what you’re buying, with knives less so. But...
  8. Puppy prices;

    So what would a fair price be? I’m genuinely interested in opinions. i paid £250 for my lab x springer 15 years ago and just paid £500 for a lab x pointer. I’m happy with both prices. I wouldn’t want to pay much more mind. I’ve never been bothered about KC reg or pure bred this or that, rather a...
  9. Are US hunters becoming an endangered species?

    I think there’s a potential new crowd of hunters out there but it’s not an easy thing to get into. There’s loads of young guys on social media posting interesting and exciting things hunting related. Joe Rogan and others also present hunting in a modern and positive light, it all ties in with...
  10. German wirehaired pointer

    I’m looking forward to the challenge, he’s picked up basic recall really quickly. 48 hours and he would come to his name. But he does seem different to a lab. He seems more boisterous and active. He’s giving us a lot of laughs just now.
  11. Knife sharpening - how to attain the final touches?

    I did an experiment the other day, I had a well dull knife and I sharpened it using my usual process testing it after each stage. What I found was that the coarse diamond stone gets it paper slicing sharp, and that fine stone makes it slice a little more smoothly, the ceramic rod makes little...
  12. Knife recommendations

    You can't have too many! I like a 4" plus for field dressing but I have recently made myself a skinner and I really like that. I've used it a few times now just for skinning and it works really well. I also have a few knives just for butchery. So my advice is get a tool for each job.
  13. German wirehaired pointer

    I just picked up a GWP Lab cross, he's only 8 weeks so I've got a bit of time and plenty work to do. I might look at getting the Neils Sondergard book, is it more geared towards tracking or indicating?

    Brexit has been a fantastic rehearsal for indy ref 2. There are questions that people will ask now that they perhaps wouldn't have thought about previously. such as: Will we stay in the U.K. customs union? Will we leave without a deal if no agreement can be reached? Can we have some sort of...
  15. First knife nearly finished...

    Thats really nice! I like the shape, and I agree the tit doesn't need the lanyard tube. If that's your first attempt at grinding a bevel it is a very good effort.
  16. Free: Christmas rifle raffle

    Good luck to everyone! and thanks to JDR for such a generous offer.
  17. Swazi reviews?

    I dis a full shift on a forestry site today, on the side of Loch Lomond, it has rained all day. I wore a second hand thar that I got on here. It has worked really well, i’d definitely recommend one. I did get wet forearms with stuff working it’s way under the cuffs but I’ve never had a coat that...
  18. Visla vs GSP / GWP

    Thanks for that, so what are you looking for in terms of breeding? Given that I am not going to be buying from someone I know, I won’t have much time with the parents. any tips?
  19. Kitchen knives

    I can never get how people cook with blunt knives. When I go to the in-laws or my mums I take a stone and sharpen their knives. Otherwise their knives are... well as my grandad used to say ‘you could ride bare arsed to London on that’.
  20. Kitchen knives

    I have a couple of the procook Damascus ones, they are nice to use but the edge is very easily damaged, I have repeatedly sharpened nicks out of the blade on;to have them get nicked again. I think thex70 ones they do are better. I really like the 12c27 Brisa ones that I have put handles on nice...