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  1. Wanted: Cz 452 .22lr wooden stock

    Hi, I’m looking for the above. Sporter or varmint. Many thanks
  2. For Sale: Hw60 .222 magazine

    £25 posted, cheers
  3. For Sale: Springer spaniel pups

    Hi all, my bitch has just had a litter of black and white springer spaniel pups. Gamekeeper bred, both parents are cracking working dogs and can be seen. 3 dogs still available. Kc reg, docked, dew clawed and will be vaccinated. Available mid September. Pm me for prices and more information...
  4. Fox eats fox

    Last night I shot a large dog fox and the bullet blew his stomach contents out. Upon inspection his stomach contained flesh, Fox fur and two fox ears. Wether he found the fox dead or killed a half grown cub that wasn’t his I’m not sure. I have seen foxes eat others in the past but I still...
  5. For Sale: .30 cal Berger VLD hunting bullets

    1x full box 175gr vld hunting bullets = £40 posted 1x box of 93 - 175gr vld hunting bullets = £35 posted 1x box of 63 bullets - 185gr classic hunter Berger = £25 posted Cheers
  6. Wanted: Second hand rangefinding binoculars

    As per title, anything considered. Age and condition doesn’t matter. Many thanks
  7. Wanted: Rifle cabinet

    Hi, I’m looking for a large (5-7 gun) cabinet in the Ludlow/Hereford/Shrewsbury area. Please let me know if anyone has one for sale. Cheers
  8. Wanted: 6.5mm Hornady bullets

    Hi all, I’m after 143gr eldx if anyone has some? Cheers
  9. Wanted: Cwd stalking for 3 on the 5th of jan

    Hi, as above I’m looking for cwd stalking for 3 on the 5th of January. Only looking for cull animals, please pm if you have anything available. Many thanks
  10. Swap: Sightron 4-16x42 stac for fixed mag

    Hi all, I have an as new condition stac that just doesn’t look right on my old rifle. Lovely scope but I would rather a fixed mag scope, preferably 8x56. Anyone interested? Cheers
  11. Wanted: 6.5x284 factory

    Hi all, I am after a small quantity of 6.5x284 factory ammunition. Please let me know if anyone has any available. Many thanks
  12. For Sale: Remington PSE Hunter stock

    As above, Remington pse Hunter stock for sale. Mint, 5 months old. Only for sale as I no longer own the rifle it was on. I have 2 others on my other rifles. Best money can buy £450 Ono!
  13. EFAW+F help

    Hi all, I desperately need to do my EFAW+F in the next two months, can anybody recommend where I should go and take the course? I’m based in Ludlow, Shropshire but can travel. Many thanks, Connor
  14. Ricochet skip to 23 seconds in.. I think that he needs to do more research on ricochets. He uses a slow heavy bullet to reduce the risk of ricochets?
  15. Wanted: Cwd stalk

    Hi, me and 2 friends are looking to shoot a cwd buck each this coming season. Can anybody pm me if they are able to meet our needs, cheers
  16. Attingham park

    Hi, I recently visited the park and wondered if anybody on here knows who is in charge of the deer management there? If so could you drop me a pm please, many thanks.
  17. HW99 problem

    Hi, I have recently acquired a HW99. For the first 50 pellets it was very accurate before it started dropping shots lower and lower. I then fully stripped, cleaned and re assembled the rifle and then hey presto it was fixed, I zeroed it and shot a couple of 5 shot groups at 30 yards that could...
  18. For Sale: Nikon prostaff 3-9x40

    Good condition scope. Paintwork in good condition, never lost zero. Lenses immaculate. Slight ring marks, however they definitely haven’t crimped the tube and are just feint lines on the paintwork. £100 posted Ono
  19. For Sale: Bullets and powder

    63x .30 cal Berger 185gr classic hunter - £28 posted 45x .224 cal seirra 40gr hp - £10 posted 95x .224 Sierra gameking 55gr spittzer boat tail - £20 posted 89x .224 seirra 50gr blitzking - £20 posted 68x .224 sierra 55gr spitzer blitz sp - £15 posted 100x .224 Barnes 50gr moly coated vlc...
  20. For Sale: 175gr vld hunting .30 cal

    2 boxes available, one is unopened containing 100 bullets, the other contains 94. Full box is £50 posted, the 94 count box is £47 posted. Buy both boxes for £90 posted. Cheers, connor