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  1. Khales helia CB

    Hi, I’m after advice on the value of a scope my mate has. It’s an 8x56 Khales Helia CB with illuminated reticle, glass is good couple of little marks on the under side of the 25mm tube but no crimping reason I’m asking is another mate is after a scope for his new 30-06 so trying to put the 2...
  2. Wanted: .257 Nosler Partition

    I thought I’d seen a post with some one selling a lot of different .257 bullets inc 120 grain partitions but cannot find it was I dreaming or can some one link me to it please
  3. Wanted: Hornady #3031 bullet / head / pointy thing

    Hi does anyone have a part box of the flat based 150 grain 30 cal Hornady interlock #3031 that they want to part with I’m after 20 or 25 Thanks Rick
  4. Help needed with a powder for 25-06 and 30-06

    Help needed with a powder for 25-06 and 30-06 I’ve been loading for my 25-06 for years with Reloader 17 then Elcho 17 which was to my knowledge was the same stuff. In the last 12 months I haven’t been able to get hold of either and was told that RS60 was the same stuff so had a play with a bit...
  5. Sold: L42A1 .308 magazine

    As per title L42A1 magazine for sale it’s engraved CR141A 65D on the side and has CR1256 1965 on the feed plate inside One sold on UKV after being advertised for £225 (not sure what sale price was) I’ve been told that I should advertise for £200 but seen as though the only other one I could...
  6. mauser M96 straight pull in 270 win

    Hi my mates Mauser M96 won’t fire and needs a new main spring part number 24 on the parts diagram. My problem is I can’t find one anywhere apart from numrich and that’s not viable. Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding one or a couple a couple in the UK Thanks Rick
  7. For Sale: magazines and wildcat defuser

    Having a clear out Ruger 77/17 .17hmr or .22wmr 9 shot magazine x2 one new in packet one used in good condition price for both. These are £29.95 each at - £32 for both. SOLD. Tikka 595 5 shot 22-250 magazine used but in good condition these are £84.95 at And...
  8. Berger VLD Hunting expansion

    Hi has anyone used Berger VLD hunting bullets on roe? My 25-06 loves the 115 grainers in both the target (now discontinued) and hunting varieties but I'm wondering if they will expand correctly on roe. cheers Rick
  9. Navara hardtop seal

    I've bought a second hand Carryboy hardtop for my double cab and the rubber seal for between it and the tub is knackered. I'm going to get a neoprene one that is adhesive on one side should I get 25mm wide and 12mm thick or 19mm wide and 6mm thick? Thanks Rick
  10. 25-06 100 grain or 120 grain gamekings for Sika and Reds

    I've always used 100 grain NBT's in my 25-06 for roe but they have become really hard to come by near me so I've been trying 100 grain gamekings which are half the price and group nearly as well. So far I've only shot 2 with the gamekings one under 25 yds one at longer range in both cases meat...
  11. 308 Norma Magnum

    Morning, does anyone have a 308 norma magnum? My mate has 99 rounds of factory norma ammo for this calibre that he wants to get rid of (sure it will be very cheap) he's based in Bradford so if anyone is close enough to collect give me a shout. It's the 180 grain norma plastic tip. These are in...
  12. caesar guerini Teague chokes

    Hi, I have a set of Teague Caesar Guerini flush fit chokes surplus to requirements they are as new (don't event think they've been used). They are in the hard case minus a choke key and consist of skeet, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full. can anyone give me an idea what they are worth before I advertise...
  13. Stick making

    About 6 months ago I thought I'd finnished my first stick but on our first pheasant shoot last week I decided that I was going to end up having an eye out on the points, so on Sunday I robbed 2 300 ultra mag cases that were starting to case head seperate from a mate and attached is the end result.
  14. Mechanic help with a nissan terrano 2

    H, please can anyone in the know tell me if a rear/boot door off a 1996 nissan terrano 2 will fit on a 1999 nissan terrano 2 Thanks Rick
  15. 270 brass

    Got 2 bags of 100 unfired un primed R&P 270 win brass that has been sat in a cupboard for a few years that I dont need as I've gone 30-06 instead. It's in clear bags not the new green bags, can anyone tell me what I should be asking for it before I put it in the for sale section. Sportsman gun...
  16. Optics value

    Hi I have a few scopes I would like to get help pricing before putting them up for sale, they are, A genuine leupold M4 tactical illuminated 4.5-14x50 mint with no marks or scratches. Edit for info on the scopes below A Hungarian S&B 6x42 A7 reticle it's mint with no marks or scratches...
  17. What they worth

    Hi I have a few items I would like to get help pricing before putting them up for sale First is an SGC 223 which was made to look as much like an M16 as possible (no side cocking handle). It comes with a 10 and 30 shot mag iron sights a set of leupold 30mm rings a versa pod and a sling. This...
  18. Activity camera

    Hi has anyone got any experience of one of these was looking at a go pro but these are on offer. Aqua Mode - sportpixel Thanks Rick
  19. Feed storage bins

    Hi, hope I've got the right section. Our pheasant syndicate needs to replace some of the large fruit barrels that we currently use as storage bins around the shoot. We already have some galvanised steel boxes with Lids that hold approx 16 bags and would ideally like to buy 4 or 5 more of...
  20. Sling swivels

    I have a niggeloh backpack rifle sling and one of the swivels I used has started to squeak and I can't get it to stop. I am going to get a new set but the webbing straps are very narrow on these slings. To that end can anyone recommend a set that are suitable, preferably narrower than 1"...