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  1. Sold: Picatinny scope / NV rail for Browning A bolt

    I'm after a picatinny mounting rail for a 223 Browning A Bolt. If you have one please PM or leave details below.
  2. Sold: N1000 IR laser illuminator

    N1000 IR laser illuminator, 3 mode power, adjustable for windage and elevation, adjusts from narrow beam to wide flood. Very little use so in good unmarked condition. Comes with mounting bracket and camo carry pouch. SOLD Also for sale elsewhere.
  3. Sold: Cz550 stock

    For 243 American which is a medium action, so stocks from 308, 22-250 will definitely be OK, and I *think* 270, 30/06 and 6.5x55 might be OK too if they might have same footprint. Anything considered, cash waiting.
  4. Adding ballistic turrets to Swarovski Z5?

    Is it possible to swap the hunting turrets to ballistic turrets on the Z5 series? If so, does anyone have a link to where I can find some? I see online there are turrets for the Z8 range, but I suppose they won't fit. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sold: RWS and Winchester Subs for Eley, Lapua or SK

    I have a small pile of ammo that my latest 22 doesn't like, so would like to swap it for ammo it prefers. I have 450 RWS Subs (9x boxes from a brick), and 240x 40 grain Winchester Subs and half a box of the 42 grain version that I'd like to swap for Eley, Lapua or SK preferably subsonic HPs...
  6. Old 22LR ammo

    I have some old 22LR ammo, and was wondering if it has any collectors value. The oldest stuff is WW2 vintage ‘.22 INCH MARK 1 (NON-RUSTING), there are three complete boxes of 100 cartridges, dated 1941, 1943 and 1944. One box is sealed, but another has ICI headstamp, the last has E headstamp...
  7. Wanted: Cz550 stock

    Cz550 stock wanted, cash waiting. The cheaper the better! Thanks.
  8. The Torch Factory, manufacturer of the Solaris SRX, unavailable? Has the above company gone out of business? My then new SRX illuminator started to have problems back in February 2019 after only a couple of outings, so emailed manufacturer and got no response. Forgot all about it until last month, so used their web form but still no...
  9. SK Subsonic HP 22LR ammo availability?

    My new Cz457 22LR seems to like SK Subsonic HP, and prefers it over Eley, Winchester and RWS. I believe this ammo is now discontinued, but does anyone know of any on the shelf somewhere? Preferably not too far from Banbury. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sold: Withdrawn

  11. For Sale: HC3R Gen2 10/22 high capacity magazine

    As new and unused in original packaging. Have sold my 10/22 so won't ever get to use it. £30 inc tracked post.
  12. Wanted: 6mm Berger 80 grain Varmint bullets

    It seems my rifle prefers this bullet, so I'm on the lookout if anyone has any to sell. Cash waiting, or can swap for other 6mm bullets if preferred.
  13. Sold: Theoben regulator tester

    Best Fittings regulator tester for Theoben PCPs. Used once, and in good condition. £25 posted.
  14. Sold: Valkyrie Rifles m18x1 muzzle brake

    Valkyrie Arms muzzle brake in cerakote black finish. Has seen very little use on my 308 and is great at reducing recoil. Fits any rifle with 18x1mm thread, such as Tikka and Sako Varmint. £50 posted.
  15. Sold: Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stock and trigger guard

    Factory Tikka T3 Varmint synthetic stock, with factory trigger guard bottom trigger guard. Recoil block included. Will fit any Tikka T3 and T3x, and therefore the T1x too. A few small marks but in good used condition overall. £75 posted.
  16. Sold: 10 round metal magazine for Tikka T3/T3x

    Waters Rifleman 10 round aluminium magazine for Tikka T3/T3x for 308 family cartridges (243, 260, 7-08, 308 etc). Brushed aluminium finish and delrin follower all in great condition as only been tried the once to check that it works. £85 posted.
  17. Bushnell AR Optics 2-7 X 32 Drop Zone for 22LR?

    Has anyone tried this scope, and if so are there are drawbacks? I’m thinking about sticking one on to a 10/22 if I can find one for sale somewhere. Had no luck yet.
  18. Rudolph Optics 1-6x24?

    I'm interested in the above scope. Does anyone have any experience of it, good or bad? Thanks in advance.
  19. Sold: Low mag or red dot scope for gallery / mini rifle

    Please PM with what you have. Thanks.
  20. Sold: Leupold Vari-X-III 3.5-10x40 Adjustable objective

    Good quality, lightweight hunting scope in fair used condition. Parallax adjustable marked to 25 yards, but turns lower to focus from 17 yards. Duplex reticle, 1" tube, gloss finish. There are small marks in the finish but no dents or crimping. There's a light scratch on the ocular lens which is...