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    Hi Im after a spare barrel for a benelli m2 super 90. Anyone have anything? Thanks
  2. Wanted: Ruger m77 30mm rings

    Hi Anyone got a set of 30mm rings for a ruger m77 mark 1 (243 action) they would sell? Thanks
  3. For Sale: Kahles helia CT 3-9 x 42

    For sale is my kahles CT 3-9x42 scope. Great optics, fantastic condition 4A reticle in second focal plane just been back to Kahles for service There are a couple of little dings to the black coatings as shown in the photos Spec as below please pm email address for more photos as I cant upload...
  4. Sold: Kahles 4.5 -18 x 50 k418

    I am considering having a swap around of scopes so for sale is my Kahles K418tt As you would expect from a Kahles it is excellent optically, great in low light, works well with night vision add ons and has just been back to Kahles to be serviced. It is in fantastic condition apart from a couple...
  5. First focal plane

    I am pondering over getting a first focal plane scope for all round use/woodland stalking and am looking for opinions as to how people find the ffp reticles at low mag. I usually back the scope mag down in poor light but on ffp this would mean the reticle would appear thinner, do any of you...
  6. Driven boar caliber

    From time to time I have read that minimum calibers or energy are required in some countries on the continent for driven boar. As I fancy one day trying a trip on driven boar on the continent, I don't want to limit where I could go. Does anyone know which countries specify which as a minimum? or...
  7. Wanted: Sako 75 action 1 (222/223) stock wanted

    Sako 75 stock wanted for 222/223 size action, factory stock preferred
  8. Sold: Geco 2.5-15x50 illuminated side parallax

    As new, unused,Geco 2.5-15 x 50 illuminated 4a reticle, side parallax, 30 mm tube. http:// Great scope , very clear optics, bought for a new rifle that never happened 10 year Warranty £310 plus post
  9. For Sale: Hornady 7mm rem mag fl dies

    As new Loaded less than 50 rounds £35 plus post
  10. Sold: Rcbs 308 neck die set

    Sold Sold pending the usual Excellent condition £35 plus post
  11. Sold: 308 Rcbs Competition die set

    Sold pending the usual Excellent condition, little used. £90 plus post
  12. For Sale: 6.5x55 lee collet dies

    As new, in fact don’t remember ever using them £25 posted
  13. Wanted: 30mm burris picatinny low rings

    Im after a set of the Burris 30mm low rings for picatinny rail, must have inserts with them anything gathering dust anywhere? Thanks
  14. Sold: Krico single trigger unit

    This is an original Krico trigger conversion unit to convert a double set trigger Krico centerfire to single trigger. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I'm not completely sure of the model number that it fits (possibly a 600??) but below is a picture of the action that it fits...
  15. Delta optical scopes

    Hi ive read some good reports on the delta optical scopes but then again ive seen quite a few for sale second hand little used so was hoping for some feedback I am Considering one of the 1.5-9x45's for stalking on 30/06 usually in woodland Has any one used any of the delta optical scopes in...
  16. Meopte meorange rangefinding binoculars

    Has anyone got a set of the new meorange 10x42 rangefinder binos from Meopta ? Was considering a set and was hoping for any feedback on how they perform, Cant find much innthe way of reviews. thanks bbrc
  17. Game dealers Selkirk area

    Hi Does anyone know of any game dealers around Selkirk? failing that Hawick or moffat? Thanks bbrc
  18. Odd coloured pigeon breasts

    Hi I shot a few pigeons coming in to roost the other day and left them over night hung at about 3 or 4 degrees c. When I took the breasts out all were the normal red colour I would expect apart form 1 bird where the flesh was literally orange. Anyone know what would cause this? Is it edible? Thanks
  19. Wanted: Wanted 222/223 donor rifle

    Im after a cheap 222/223 rifle for a project. Anybody got anything shot out or the like? Thanks
  20. Wanted: Wanted moderator

    I'm after a 1/2"x20 (unf) moderator suitable for 7mm over barrel and stainless preferred WHY? Thanks