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  1. M18 starting to regret my purchase

    After banging on about how good these are for the money and how they match tikkas blah blah. I'm starting to think that maybe I am talking rubbish. After setting my M18 up I have now had two range sessions using hornady 75 g v max and 100 g federal. My groups are inconsistent to say the least...
  2. Mauser m18 custom stock

    Does anyone know if there are any about yet or if the m18 has a similar inlet to the m12?
  3. Rifle between 22 lr and 243

    Hello all, I’m wanting a smaller calibre for long range bunnies/ corvids which will also be used for the odd fox. Had an hmr before which will probably do the trick but wondered if something like a hornet would be better ?
  4. 2nd rifle what to look out for

    I’m off to buy a tikka t3x in 243 tomorrow. It’s from a gun shop and comes with a silencer. Can anyone one tell me what look out for please with a 2nd hand rifle?
  5. Ludicrous lumins nemesis vs pard 007

    Torn between the two. Both will give me the range i need (50 to 200 yards) but i am put off by the pard be ause is an add on and i find them akward to use. But i'll put up with this if its much better than the nemesis.
  6. Good news for lefty's browning eclipse

    This is probably old news but the left handed version of Brownings eclipse is now available over here. For anyone that has a right handed version, are they any good?
  7. Begara Ba13

    Thinking of getting one in 243 . Was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these rifles?
  8. 22 lr can't decide

    Currently in the market and have ruled out semi auto as I want long range accuracy. There are so many choices in this calibre but apart from the long range capability I want a full sized rifle , a nice trigger and don't really want to pay more than £500. I really want an hw66 or ruger...
  9. For Sale: Browning t bolt .17 hmr synthetic sporter

    As above purchase just over two years ago. Comes with two magazines, one can be stored in the stock, weaver bases, sak mod if needed / have a slot for. It doesn't include the scope but will let it go with the rifle for £50, it's a Hawke vantage hmr ret 4-16x50 . Accurate with hornady v max and...
  10. Quite fancy a tikka tx1 but...

    Got a slot for 22 lr and have been looking at all the usual suspects. I like the tx1 but I can't get over how far the mag sticks out the bottom of the action. Apart from looking odd I can't help thinking that it would get stuck on things like struck window ledge. Anyone know if they plan to...
  11. New 243

    About to look at a new rifle but i’m Stuck between a few choices so just thought i’d See if anyone had some first hand experience with my shortlist. I’ve had a tikka and wouldn’t mind trying something else so here goes Browning ab3 Browning x bolt Winchester xpr Howa 1500 Also stuck on mod...
  12. Thames valley police - good variation time

    There's been a lot of moaning about the police recently so thought it only fair to mention when they do an outstanding job. i put a variation in the post last Thursday and it's just arrived back on my doormat today. So roughly three working days, bloody marvellous:)
  13. Hmr for a 22 lr

    Took the hmr out tonight and it was grouping all over the place because I had cleaned the bore. already put 20 rounds through it and it's settling in and returning back to grouping well. But I'll probably have to put another twenty through it to get it back to where it should be. this will...
  14. Sako 90 g for roe and muntjac

    I am about to start shooting roe and muntjac and I have decided on sako 90 g game head in my 243 as they are the most accurate. just wonder if anyone has any experience with these rounds on said deer?
  15. Hello

    morning all, I spotted this great forum only recently so it's a pleasure to be a member. i have just started using a centre fire rifle and have been testing various factory loads through my tikka t3x in 243. I have now worked out the most accurate loads for fox and deer so it's time to start...