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  1. For Sale: light stream 5-20x50

    this came on a rifle I have purchase, nice scope, I have been out with it at dawn and was good ( managed to bag a munty), also tried it with a pard, got around 150 yards with built in laser and about 350 with extra IR. I find that for where i shoot 5x is to high. would consider a trade with...
  2. Sold: Wildcat 7mm blue insert

    blue insert for wildcat evo 7mm, .270, 6.5, good condition £35 posted
  3. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

    brought this on a whim, but don't like the right hand safety, blue evo stock aimsport moderator fire 300 ish stocks, shoots the vmax to less than an inch at 75yards on my farm range. will post some picture tomorrow £400 CZ455 varmint i believe you can change the barrel on these
  4. Sold: 6.5x55 lapua brass

    approx 90 6.5x55 se brass, 10 are twice fired, the rest once fired, just been deprimed, and tumbled £40 posted
  5. DD optics

    does anyone have any experience with these, i have been looking at there binoculars but can't seem to find much information
  6. For Sale: reloading powders

    RS62, brilliant powder in my 6.5x55 with 143 eldx but that is going, by my calculations approx 800 grams left £55 collected Reloader 19 used for 120BT , approximately 300 grams left £20 Ramshot magnum approximately 300 grams left £15 all powders have been stored well, the RS62 is about 6...
  7. Sold: 6.5 95 grain v max

    2 boxes of 100 £35 a box posted, £65 for the pair
  8. Sold: AIM 50 drag bag

    i have an AIM 50 drag bag, that i would like to swap for the smaller AIM 40.
  9. Sold: 6.5 comparator insert and body

    £15 posted, never bothered with the anvil as its just as consistent without
  10. Sold: 6.5 cleaning

    bore tech proof positive jag bore tech proof positive nylon bush bore tech proof positive mop £12 posted
  11. Sold: forster bench rest die set

    brand new 6.5x55 bench rest die set brought to replace my rcbs but a change of calibre means they have only loaded 10 rounds. £85 posted
  12. Sold: 6.5mm 120gr nosler BT

    37x Nosler Ballistic Tip 6.5mm 120Grn (NSL26120) £20 posted
  13. Sold: Athlon Midas tac, 4-16x44

    FFP ARPS2 MIL reticle 30mm tube HD glass exposed elevation turret with zero stop, 10 MIL per rotation capped windage turret parallax from 10 yards to infinity, works very well with pard nv007 not quite 12 months old, brought with the intention of some longer range shooting but hasn't happened...
  14. Sold: hornady 143 eld x

    100 box unopened £50 posted 50 box £25 posted
  15. Sold: RCBS 6.5x55 dies

    full length die set, 6.5x55 including bullet seater, plus lee neck die (second hand not used) £45 posted
  16. Sold: 7mm-08 Winchester brass

    as per title, 50 brand new in bag, 48 once fired £40 posted
  17. Sold: LEFT HAND tikka t3 lite 6.5x55

    2 years old, ex demo rifle left hand stainless steel 20 inch barrel threaded 14×1 talley lightweight rings neoprene sling 4-16x44 athlon midas FFP scope reloading dies and powder shoots well with 140 sst, 143 eldx and 120BT £1100, would be willing to split but rifle will need to go first...
  18. For Sale: hw60 17HMR

    14 inch barrel 3 years old A couple of marks on the stock Re-crowned by Brock and norris excellent gun very accurate Wildcat panther moderator £450 Plus RFD at your cost scope and mounts not included
  19. Sold: ATA shotgun

    ATA 12 gauge shotgun 28" barrel, 5 multi chokes RH CAST, 14,5/8 LOP. A few marks on the stock, nothing to bad nice gun to shoot but gone back to 20 as i prefer it. £280 including RFD transfer
  20. Wanted: 6.5x55 FL die

    looking for a good quality full length 6.5x55 die