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  1. For Sale: light stream 5-20x50

  2. Sold: Spartan Precision Javelin Standard bipod

    interested in this, does it come with an adapter to fit a gun, and is it the folding leg model
  3. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

  4. For Sale: reloading powders

  5. For Sale: light stream 5-20x50

  6. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

  7. Sold: RWS cases

    pm sent
  8. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

  9. For Sale: light stream 5-20x50

    illuminated mill dot reticle and parallax adjustable to 40 yards
  10. For Sale: light stream 5-20x50

    this came on a rifle I have purchase, nice scope, I have been out with it at dawn and was good ( managed to bag a munty), also tried it with a pard, got around 150 yards with built in laser and about 350 with extra IR. I find that for where i shoot 5x is to high. would consider a trade with...
  11. Sold: 6.5x55 lapua brass

    hi, they are still available, was waiting for payment but has not contacted me.
  12. Sold: AIM 50 drag bag

    Edited to sell, know has a bit of a mark on it where some cleaning fluid landed, no rips or tears £120 collection preferred, could post at cost, but would have to be insured.
  13. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

  14. Sold: Wildcat 7mm blue insert

    blue insert for wildcat evo 7mm, .270, 6.5, good condition £35 posted
  15. For Sale: CZ .22WMR varmint

    brought this on a whim, but don't like the right hand safety, blue evo stock aimsport moderator fire 300 ish stocks, shoots the vmax to less than an inch at 75yards on my farm range. will post some picture tomorrow £400 CZ455 varmint i believe you can change the barrel on these
  16. Sold: 6.5x55 lapua brass

    approx 90 6.5x55 se brass, 10 are twice fired, the rest once fired, just been deprimed, and tumbled £40 posted
  17. For Sale: reloading powders

  18. Left Handed .22WMR?

    there is a left hand .22wmr t bolt on guntrader, emma custom rifles. I think you should buy it to stop me from buying it
  19. Pulsar XM 30 image offset?