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  1. Wanted: Parker Hale RCH4

    I think I have some, will take a look at the weekend
  2. For Sale: Sako stocks

    You have pm
  3. smallish daypacks

    Good tip Thanks Do you know what its Called or have a link?
  4. Whispers On The Wind

    Thanks , I very much enjoyed reading this.
  5. Tikka m595 trigger issue

    This can happen if the pull weight has been adjusted too light If it is the pull weight adjustment turn the rifle upside down and close the bolt it will let the firing pin fall every time even if bolt is closed slowly

    Hi Im after a spare barrel for a benelli m2 super 90. Anyone have anything? Thanks
  7. Wanted: gloss leupold scope. 4x32 or 6x42 ..

    I have a very nice one in good condition but it’s Matt Drop me a PM with email address if you want some pictures
  8. If I were a mod' . . . .

  9. Goat Country

    Great write up, thanks
  10. For Sale: Hornady 7mm rem mag fl dies

  11. Wanted: Leupold qr 30mm

    I have a set Good condition 7.5mm between bottom of scope tube and top of base £25 plus post Pm email address if you want pics
  12. Wanted: Trailboss or H4895

    I have 2 full tubs of trail boss and am in Oxford next week if thats of any interest drop me a pm Thanks
  13. The old dog went to the Vet.

    Excellent news that he’s on the mend
  14. Tight Barrels

    What velocities are you getting with factory and then the 4 grain lower loads? And how do they compare with factory ammo quoted speed and loading data speeds?
  15. Range Finder

    So what exactly was the point you were making? I really don’t get this ”Don’t need x,y and z for normal stalking distances” because I have witnessed, as I am sure others have, more than one deer that was unfortunately wounded at a “normal stalking distance” that has made off only to pause, mill...
  16. Range Finder

    What about someone who doesn’t just stalk deer? They may shoot long range vermin and just want to use one set of binoculars for everything. Surely you wouldn’t suggest it was sensible that they have two sets of bino’s just because they don’t need the rangefinder ones for normal stalking ranges
  17. Sold: Geco 2.5-15x50 illuminated side parallax

    Still available
  18. Wanted: Trail boss powder

    I have 2 unopened tubs Whereabouts are you?
  19. Got a positive Vet call re old dog.

    Excellent news