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  1. Accommodation & Use of a Larder in Perthshire / Dunblane

    We are after some B&B accommodation in the Perthshire area, near Dunblane would be best. So any recommendations would be good. Also we are after either the accommodation to have a larder / chiller facility or someone who would let the larder for a week, or just a space in the larder for use to...
  2. Wanted: Stalking Syndicate - Herefordshire

    Are there any available stalking syndicates available. Does anyone know how i can join one, i have DSC L1 and working towards L2. Getting very frustrated in not getting anywhere, like banging my head against a wall. Hope to have some response....
  3. Wanted: Stalking syndicate - southern England / devon

    Are there any syndicates available with spaces in the southern England area, towards devon Exeter way. Thanks Matt
  4. New Deer Stalker looking for Leases

    I am a keen shooter and have just passed my DSC L1 am based in south wales and am looking for any leases for sale anywhere in UK as am willing to travel. I have now registered for DSC L2 and am wanting to work towards completing that. Does anyone know of any leases available or, know of how...