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    Evening mate, RCBS .270 and Lee 8 x 57 please?
  2. Wanted: 7mm08

    Hi Neil, I have a box of 92 x 120gn Speer Hotcor #1620 here. 25 posted if any good? Regards Steve
  3. Sold: 300 wsm brass

    Yes please mate
  4. Sold: Photon XT 6.5x50

    I’ll take it please. I’ve dropped you a line. Regards Steve
  5. Winchester XPR .243 Rifle

    Customer was over the moon
  6. Winchester XPR .243 Rifle

    I had one here a couple of weeks ago for a customer in .243. a well built rifle, nice smooth bolt that cycles well and shot sub MOA with 105gn Geco ammo. Trigger was around 3lb out of the box and the rifle came with weaver bases in the box. Screw cut for M14 x 1. I would definitely buy one if I...
  7. For Sale: 25mm Ruger Stainless Rings

    Hi, are these still available please?
  8. Wanted: Schmidt & bender Klassik turret caps

    They took 4 weeks to respond to my last e mail.
  9. For Sale: SSG 69 .308 & .243 & bits.

    Hi Bob , Did you ever sell the .308 SSG? Kind regards Steve
  10. Wanted: Schmidt & bender Klassik turret caps

    Hi I bought two from York Guns last week for £19 each Kind regards Steve
  11. For Sale: Beretta ultralight

    really nice gun for that price. One sold not far from me for £1400
  12. Sold: Reloading Kit for sale - job lot

    Hi is this still for sale please? interested in the lot
  13. Weihrauch HW90k

    Give Tam the Gun a shout on here mate. If he can't help ask your local gunshot to send it direct to Hull Cartridge, great customer service
  14. Chubb Multi Gauge

    Just for info, the chubb is used to measure bore diameter from the breach end to determine wear, it can also be used to measure chokes. Yours is in great condition and will measure 12/16/20 bore. I paid £240 for min about 3 years ago from E Bay
  15. Chubb Multi Gauge

    one went on Southams Auction today for £300!
  16. Gun stocker recomendation.

    Gareth Rule at AW Rule and Sons in Somerton, use him a lot, probably one of the best in the country, tel 01458 270024. mention me and he might give a discount (Steve Williams)
  17. Winchester Model 70

    Thanks John will look them up
  18. Winchester Model 70

    Hi John, I have Never seen any offered for sale in the UK. I don’t think any of our national stock makers cater for the Mod 70 either. Never thought about B&C before but getting anything from the States can be challenging
  19. Winchester Model 70

    They are great rifles, I have a .22-250 and a .300 WSM. It’s just a shame after market stocks are hard to come by in the UK
  20. Transferring firearms.

    Totally agree with you Paul but Essex are now insisting on the procedure exactly as Eddoakley mentions above. I have done four recently for people (as an RFD postman) and they have all had to send their certs off. imagine if it goes missing??