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  1. Wanted: Stalking Hemyock/Dunkeswell area

    Just been kindly offered (yes, offered) my open ticket from Devon and Cornwall, have DSC1 and wanting to work towards DSC2 on some land. Full BASC and BDS membership with associated insurance. Been in Hemyock for around 8 months and looking to find some stalking.
  2. Browning X-Bolt 30-06 ammo

    Excellent! Hopefully I'll have a pic like that soon! Although the estimated delivery date is December as Browning aren't keeping stock of 30-06 anywhere, only .308 and .243
  3. Browning X-Bolt 30-06 ammo

    Used Federal PowerShock in my old .243 ruger, will give them a go, Cheers!
  4. Browning X-Bolt 30-06 ammo

    All, I've ordered my X-Bolt in 30-06 and just wanted to seek a bit of knowledge on what it likes to eat? What results have people had with factory ammo and which do folks think is the best for this rifle? Cheers Adam
  5. Muntjac in Somerset

    All, I am looking for people in Somerset region who may have seen Muntjac deer in the last 5 years. I am putting together a college assignment investigating the spread of Muntjac in the Somerset region and have compiled a survey questionnaire to gather data. The final report will be for my...
  6. Muntjac or Roe

    Cheers folks, I had kinda suspected I was looking at Roe, and yes Crosshair243, the FSC guide sheet does say that Muntjac slots appear "dainty" compared to Roe which are more "solid" - thanks for the replies chaps - I'll keep looking for more Muntjac ;)
  7. Excellent day with Farrington Deer Services

    Gary, no, it wasn't that the scope was up to the distance, it was the large patch of fog on the inside of the scope that was the problem - no matter how close we got or how much I wiped the lens with a cloth, I was never going to see anything more than a brown blur with a white patch on and...
  8. Excellent day with Farrington Deer Services

    Sparko - yes, Ian did mention it ;) blimey, it was a while ago I was out with you :) Scope covers - cheers for the links chaps, I had found these fellas:
  9. Muntjac or Roe

    There are some more pics here:
  10. Muntjac or Roe

    Some informed views would be appreciated ;) I am currently carrying out a Muntjac survey and I'm pretty sure I have found Roe slots - wanted some ideas from those somewhat more experienced than myself: They are pretty small, and I wondered about the distance in stride on the second...
  11. Excellent day with Farrington Deer Services

    Thanks for the feedback chaps, much appreciated :) Boghossian - having got the rifle out today and checked the scope it is fogged up on the inside, it seems the seals have gone and the scope is no longer air-tight. Time for a new, more expensive scope methinks! :)
  12. Excellent day with Farrington Deer Services

    Yesterday I made the trip down to Farrington Deer Services in Devon to meet up with Ian and head out for the day. The plan was to spend the morning and early afternoon going over some range work with both the .243 and the .22 before setting off in the evening for a deer. I arrived at about...
  13. Spot the deer photos

    Superb! Thank you chaps - that'll keep them guessing! :) Loved the camo deer and the pie ;) Cheers Adam
  14. Spot the deer photos

    Hi all, We are currently doing animal camouflage in our Ecology lessons at college and I wondered if anyone had any really tricky "spot the deer" photos they wouldn't mind sharing to challenge the other students (and possible the tutor as well)? I found a few through Google, but thought some...
  15. Avon and Somerset - tricky start, but all worked out in the end

    I recently moved from Sussex to Somerset and as a result sent my notification to Sussex so things could be put in motion for the move. I got a new 5 gun cabinet to put in in my parents house where I will be living and brought all the guns down on the agreed date and locked them up in the new...
  16. College assignment

    Many thanks for all the tips folks :)
  17. College assignment

    All, Bit of an odd question, but I am doing an assignment for my college course on the rise in Muntjac numbers and wondered if anyone had authoritative information on roughly how many Muntjac were released from Woburn at the turn of the century? I've had a read of "Muntjac - managing an alien...
  18. Muntjac numbers - an investigative project

    All, I am currently studying Countryside Management at Bridgwater college and they have given us the chance to do an investigative project. The subject matter is entirely our own choice and so I decided to do my project on "The increase in muntjac numbers" - I have been doing some research and...
  19. CZ 452 American

    Righto! Will do, thanks for the tip :)
  20. CZ 452 American

    Thanks for all the advice chaps, needed sanding down in the end - used a piece of copper pipe with sandpaper wrapped around to gently sand down the channel and then carefully cleaned out the wood work before applying some waterproof varnish to the sanded area. Left it to dry and then re-fitted...