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  1. Poll- Who has responded to the consultation on trophy hunting?

    Yep I've done it
  2. Free: Christmas rifle raffle

    Merry Christmas :tiphat:
  3. Contessa or innomount?

    Thank guys so it seems they are both OK as no bad reports yet
  4. Contessa or innomount?

    Well what a helpful bunch of feckers you all are :tiphat:
  5. How do you and your partner deal with money?

    I got one of them aswell
  6. Contessa or innomount?

    Morning guys, I've just got a trail xp50 and want to put it on my Blaser pro success, what mount have you used and recommend or not. I'm thinking of the contessa ultra low or innomount equivalent. Thanks jab
  7. Very unusual sighting whilst foxing last night

    Found one dead on the A37 Clutton sat morning that's the 3rd in 4 yrs they seem to be doing well around here (apart from the road casualties)
  8. Don't try Fool Anyone

    Yep this is true
  9. Don't try Fool Anyone

    Starr shot , exactly that. We've witnessed first hand these so called pro's lying through their teeth to gain access to ground and then using every excuse/scam when caught out. What we can all do is talk with our shooting neighbours and landowners as we need to work together to beat these...
  10. Changing Times Part Twenty Five

    Awesome boggy, I've really looked forward every day to reading these chapters. Thank you for taking the time to write it all down for us :tiphat:
  11. A Tidy Buck

    Well said pkl
  12. Changing Times Part Nine

    Loving this
  13. For Sale: Swarovski bino guard

    I will take the older model one please
  14. I'm back..........

    Welcome back mate
  15. Greetings from Finland

    Hi Chris, welcome to the site , Jab,
  16. These lads can shoot..........

    I liked this a few years ago and got sleighted by some on here. Would still like to do it though
  17. Deerhunter muflon jacket

    Yep got one and matching trouser , love them .good value .

    Yes please I'm in Regards jab
  19. And a wild dog turned up.

    Looks lovely John, those 'tree ferns'? Make it look almost prehistoric