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  1. Sako spares from USA

    I need a new firing pin assembly for Sako 75 Action IV (Key concept). I cannot find one other than Midwest Guns in US Would anyone know if it is permissible to have this posted to UK by a relative who lives over there. Any info gratefully received. Thanks
  2. Padded Rifle Slip

    Looking for recommendations please on a padded cordura type rifle slip / case for transporting in the vehicle. I don’t want a plastic hard box. Will transfer it to slip or backpack at destination. Thanks.
  3. For Sale: RCBS Dies. Brand new & unused

    All boxed and unused. All boxes have been opened c/w Product Instructions & Reloading Data Sticker. Will arrange standard Royal Mail postage within UK&I RCBS FL Die Set .308 Win P/N 15501 SOLD RCBS FL Die Set .223 Rem P/N 11101 SOLD RCBS FL Die Set .22-250 Rem P/N 10601 SOLD RCBS 3 Die Carb...
  4. Sauer 404 Synchro and Bipod Studs

    I am looking for some advice on fitting a Bipod stud to a Sauer 404 Synchro XT for a Harris please. Has anyone had this done? It appears the fixing point would 75 mm closer to the trigger than my other rifles due to the inserted universal tool. Will this compromise much stability? Any experience...
  5. Wanted: Sako 75 Hunter Action IV Magazine

    I’ll try this again just incase! I’m looking for a spare magazine for my Sako 75 Hunter Action IV. The original is blued but not fussy if functional. Thanks.
  6. Wanted: Sako 75 Hunter Action IV Magazine

    I'm looking for a spare Magazine for Sako 75 Hunter (Action IV) The original one is blued but not fussy as long as it is functional.
  7. New Load Development

    I have enjoyed H4831SC with 140 Amax in my 6.5 x 284. As the powder is not REACH compliant and supply will no doubt become difficult and Amax have changed has anyone using a similar load in this calibre found a successful replacement? With thanks.
  8. Deer Drag

    I am looking for advice please on a good quality deer drag. Prime use will be taking hinds off the hill. Happy to make one from a shared template or purchase a recommendation. Thanks in advance.
  9. Tenzing Binocular System

    Does anyone know of a source in UK for Tenzing TZ OSS16 Optics Suspension System? Or anything similar? Many thanks.
  10. A Good Read

    I have recently finished Duff Hart Davis' book "Among The Deer". It is a fabulous read; full of interesting tales and relives the excitement of our wonderful times out on the hill and in the woods. I'm now looking for other informative and good to read deer stalking journals and would be...
  11. New Gaiters

    Needing a new set of gaiters shortley. Thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Light weight stalking jacket

    The last couple of years have seen exceptionally warm weather in October in Scotland and my stalking jacket has been far too hot and heavy for the job. I am looking for advice on a short, light weight and breathable jacket that is smart and befits the occasion. Many thanks
  13. Lawrence Precision Titan Moderator

    I have just fitted a Titan Moderator by Simon Lawrence at Lawrence Precision to my 6.5 x 284. The process from discussion with Simon to ordering and delivery was a pleasure. Today was the field trial; totally delighted. An investment that I’m positive will give me many years of pleasure...
  14. Sako 85 .243 100gr loads

    I've just bought a Sako 85 Synthetic Stainless in .243 and looking for any help from the forum who use this rifle with loading data for 100 grain BTSP Many thanks in advance.
  15. Introduction

    Introduction from Lancashire Hi, I am new to the Stalking Directory and hoping to gain knowledge through the posts and forums to help my limited practical experiences. I live in Lancashire, north of Preston. Completed DSC1 a couple of years ago and ready to embark on level 2. My stalking is...