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  1. Bore sighter

    Morning all. I need a bore sighter suitable for .22 and .22-250. Any recommendations or does anyone have something suitable I can buy?
  2. Wanted: .22 rimfire ammo

    Does anyone have any spare .22 rimfire ammo?? Melton Mowbray area ideally!
  3. Sightmark wraith extended mount

    Hi. I’ve just purchased a wraith with extended mount. My issue is that I need a longer front mount to allow the bolt to clear the new extension. Does anyone know if I can get one? You can see what I mean in the photos. The front mount that screws to the top of the receiver needs to project an...
  4. Licence in for variation

    Morning all! I sent my application and firearms in for adding a 243 and 17hmr a good few weeks ago. Checked they had received it ok, which they had after 2 days of me sending it. With the current situation I’m wondering if I’ll get it done or just ask for my licence back? I need to buy more...
  5. Quad insurance

    Hi. I’ve just finished rebuilding the engine on my grizzly and need to sort insurance. Any recommendations? its Agri registered and won’t do much road use at all.
  6. Ex layers- Worth bothering with or not?

    A subject I’ve had no dealings with before. Are they worth considering to boost numbers or not waste money on them?
  7. Trigger weight

    Hi. I have a Remington rimfire for the rabbits etc and I’m struggling with the trigger. It is a heavy pull and I find I’m pulling high when using it. Does anyone know if it’s possible to lighten and if so any recommendations in Leicestershire?
  8. Confused over night/day scope!

    Help! I wish to purchase a scope for night and day use after foxing the other night with a mates expensive setup and thermal system. I can not justify thousands, however I feel I can stretch to 600 tops for a dual purpose scope. It will be used for rats and rabbits on my .22 rf and also on the...
  9. Venison wanted

    Hi. In a plan to explain to the other half how the venison I had in Germany tasted, which had been shot and butchered by the hotel owner, I am looking for a venison fillet. I’m not %100 sure which cut I had but it was like a fillet steak! Any recommendations on where to source some in...
  10. Variation to FAC

    Hi. I have just received my renewed licence and now decided I want a larger calibration rifle. What would be the most appropriate Cali bee for a newbie to stalking? I know 243 is minimum required but is that the best option or should I go for something else? I have 22-250 for foxes etc and it’s...
  11. Newly joined

    Hi. I have decided to pursue deer stalking alongside the pheasant and game aspect I currently enjoy. Many years of shooting shotguns and rifles including clays, pigeons, pheasants and predator/vermin control. Currently have a .22-250 which I am looking at either changing for a 243 or keeping as...