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  1. Sold: KUIU Yukon Waterproof jacket XL

    Fixed it now, Richard
  2. Sold: KUIU Yukon Waterproof jacket XL

    Got this in Major brown, as new, worn out once to walk the dogs. Major brown, no longer available. £185 posted if you please
  3. Quality Knife?

    Thanks Matt, blushing at the former comments. I thought you'd like to know I don't use those suppliers anymore. I have changed the whole way knives are sold as a result of what you had to suffer to ensure it doesn't happen again. Sorry you are having a tought time with Elmax, I have to say I...
  4. Leather workers

    Feels like this bloody house will never end, but even though I can't do knives I'm getting onto leather this week.
  5. Are you into Leather or rubber?

    I use a Niggeloh collar and leather lead, I also use and make (not at the moment) biothane. Neither get stuck in brambles like the nylon ones.
  6. kammo gaiters where to buy ?

    You'd be more likely to prise his Sako out of his hands than those gaiters.
  7. Is Dougster still around? Or anyone else who makes slings?

    It's annoying. I work in the house and have had to pack everything away for viewings, which have dried up. We have to move though, new job for the Mrs starts April 13th on Speyside. Hope to rent something big enough to allow me to start work again then.
  8. REALLY waterproof trousers which won't tear

    The downside it that they don't do short versions for us short fat blokes. I'll have to have the originals when my size is back in stock in March.
  9. October 2014

    Thanks Fellas, you too Andy, that Red Skull was a beauty.
  10. A Somerset get together?

    Bit far for me I'm afraid.
  11. Available: Roe stalking near inverness

    I came up with Ally a while back and had a great time, it was good to see you at Strathconan, even if I did the world shortest presentation. I'm moving your way soon and will be in touch about a DSC2 stalk. Richard
  12. October 2014

    You should have been there when, in front of a friend, my wife and his, I jumped in the air to catch one going down the crack of my ar5e. Loose pyjamas worn for breakfast at the time barely stayed up.
  13. Deerstalking Fair, Newark Showground, 29th & 30th November, 2014

    I'll be there every time, bar maybe next time as that's the actual date we move as I said. Catch up soon though mate.
  14. October 2014

    This proved to be my best October ever. I managed to break my Jonah and get some brilliant stalks in, not huge animals but great days out with Jamross65 and Moray Outfitting. It's taken me a while to really express them and I till have my time on Skye with Scott MacKenzie to write up. Very...
  15. Deerstalking Fair, Newark Showground, 29th & 30th November, 2014

    I had a ball. I got to actually hear Mike Norris snoring, had nothing but abuse from half of Moray Outfitting, a good laugh with Brian and Stevie and sat up drinking until the small hours with Moray and Kev. That's enough....
  16. Bath and Wilts

    I'll sort this next week, been swamped getting ready for Newark. Suspect tonight will be an all nighter.
  17. Custom bushcraft/hunting knife makers

    Before FGYTs time. RWL34 is yours.
  18. Bath and Wilts

    I'll speak to our local Landlord and see if he can give us a room in the local Real Ale boozer then, don't want to be waving sharps about in a pub. We can all go out and get Kebabs from the van then. I know there is an NV evening but the pub is always good to add to the options.
  19. Bath and Wilts

    Anyone want to propose a date for one of these? Be good to do a seasonal one.
  20. Custom bushcraft/hunting knife makers

    I'm out of the game for a while. Shutting down for six months after Newark to move, but my knives are Elmax now. I love it.