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  1. Sold: KUIU Yukon Waterproof jacket XL

    Got this in Major brown, as new, worn out once to walk the dogs. Major brown, no longer available. £185 posted if you please
  2. October 2014

    This proved to be my best October ever. I managed to break my Jonah and get some brilliant stalks in, not huge animals but great days out with Jamross65 and Moray Outfitting. It's taken me a while to really express them and I till have my time on Skye with Scott MacKenzie to write up. Very...
  3. Bath and Wilts

    Anyone want to propose a date for one of these? Be good to do a seasonal one.
  4. Just made a leather handled knife

    Just finished this. Sanded through to 3200 grit, but after it was shaped the marks inside the buffalo horn came through. I love this old school look, but to prevent the leather getting soaked in blood and turning nasty it has had four coats of superglue to seal it between sanding grits...
  5. Shirt.

    This is going to seem trivial, but it's hard to get right in the heat we've had. Now, I've been out a few times in my DPM jungle shirt and I'm still dieing like I'm in an oven, looking a photos, I stand out like a dark shadow against most things. Has anyone got recommendations for a light to...
  6. Tame deer on Rannoch

    You've probably have seen them at Kings House Hotel:
  7. Belt I just finished

    This afternoon, for a member here. Four .222 slots and three .308/243 All hand sewn, dyed, burnished and oiled. I will be adding more lines to my stuff soon, hopefully launching a few at Kelso. Thanks for looking Richard
  8. Some handles I slapped on....

    I mainly do full tang blades and I've done a couple of stick tangs, one leather before these. Used a lot of thin cyanoacrylate to seal them and my word, a lot of sanding. Middle two in top pic spoken for, two to see what happens. I'm quite pleased and just need to start the sheaths now, but...
  9. Time for another Wiltshire Bath meet?

    What do you reckon? Langley Tapp or further West? Friday 17th Jan? I'm up for this as it's near me and I can have a few so can lie in next day. Anyone else?
  10. One that surprised me.

    I don't normally like the G10 or micarta handles much, but they are practical. Imagine my surprise when this grabbed lots of attention in the house and on Facebook by my friends. It must be the black liners and the taper tang, but I love it. Just need to get the sheath done in the next day or...
  11. Anyone off to The States?

    I fancy something not available this side of the pond - well under a kg. Just a jacket, nothing FAC. Thanks Richard
  12. Munty buck

    I've only ever seen the tail of this usually, bar the one time he was skylined against a footpath. I had the rifle on sticks waiting for a fox and he walked about 120yards in front of me on Friday though....
  13. Superb!

    Please Move The Deer Crossing - YouTube
  14. My dog.

    I have to post this as I'm really proud of my little Bar steward. Few years ago I drove to Amesbury to buy what I was told was a Bavarian crossed lab - all accidental and I met mum - superb dog. It seriously looks now that he is part Patterdale with maybe some lab back there somewhere, a...
  15. 6.5 X 55 Hornday interlock 129 grain

    Hit a large buck in the shoulder with it last night. He was 48lb larder weight. Entry wound hit his shoulder and literally exploded, four distinct paths through him, one of which took the top of his heart and had 12 exit wounds in itself. Is this normal? Hell of a lot of meat waste compared...
  16. Trip up on The Reds

    I've had a pretty good year or two on Roe in Wiltshire but fancied a bit of a change and had a day sorted wit The Stalking School, I was fortunate enough to be offered an evening on the hill by a top bloke too.... I left home at 11pm on Tuesday, after a full day at work, putting the kids to bed...
  17. Nomad jacket - worth the money?

    I've just seen a Gameshooter jacket at the game fair, in the darker Highland colour and it looked great, but it's £420. Do they last that long? Are they THAT good?
  18. Big boy

    I know he's no record breaker, but I shot this lad at 155 yards last night, followed by a buck in the next field ten minutes later (dark when we found him). He weighed in at 16lb, my largest this year, shown next to my Tikka T3.
  19. Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

    As these are all ordered, the next batch will be a while, I thought I would do the build along in here this time. The blades are to arrive shortly, so I have got the handles started, the liners are going on after the holes have been drilled today. I wanted to show the scales cut last night but...
  20. Wiltshire do it - yet again.

    Put in my variation on Tuesday. Phoned on Wednesday get an email to send a scan copy of my DSCL1. Got cleared for 6.5 x 55 on Friday morning on the door mat. If only other organisations (the bloody agarages I've had to deal with recently) were half this good.