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  1. Larsen Traps

    I had two traps out 2 decoy birds but week leading up to the ban some f0ckwit had released both my decoy birds !... Morning after the lockdown announced I went out and retrieved traps in. Paul
  2. Fuel price = how low ?

    The fuel in supermarkets is same grade / octane as in branded stations ... Comes from the same refineries Only difference is what the branded companies add to it Paul
  3. In the interests of whom?

    I worked saudi for 5 yrs I have colleague stuck there now as we speak Paul
  4. In the interests of whom?

    1. China will have lied ... no doubt 2. Government state .... tell individuals to stay in ... they will stay in or fear the consequences / disappear 3 .... Western Europe .... stay in ... aye ok out having bbq and filling car parks on country parks and mass movement despite rules...= virus...
  5. Fuel price = how low ?

    Yeah There are those who are looking after more vulnerable And The essential shopping trip Even then it’s not going to be near what most folk are used to doing. And if your sticking to scientific government advice and Staying at home .... then most of us will be using far less than...
  6. Fuel price = how low ?

    Does it really matter whit how little we driving at moment ? Can’t exactly take advantage of it Paul
  7. What is your favourite quotation?

    General Custer - “ what f’ckin Indians?”
  8. Exercise

    If you really did take top of motor and go drive around for couple of hours ? Then I’d say there’s no soap box .... he’s right in everything he said about you What’s the phrase they say every time this comes on TV? “STAY AT HOME” It’s not about you .... it’s about what or where or who you...
  9. Vehicle drawer system

    Mine done by a mates father
  10. Pcp air rifle

    My hatsan at-44 I thought was pitiless but after Chrony discovered it was steady 11.8 ft/lbs The quietness very deceiving Paul
  11. Random thread - split out

    Ok Kes we get it ..... you and BASC bashing is a SD institution! But FFS give it a bl00dy rest ! Stuck record Try summit new eh?
  12. Out stalking during restrictions

    Sure ferrets be fine on wet cat food if pushed from supermarket if and when you exercise your right to go get essentials
  13. Pcp air rifle

    I like FAC air for rats Yes 12ft/lb can do it but they are hardy bar stewards and I prefer the FAC for them ... I’m new to FAC air but not air rifles in general. Wish I’d got one years ago .... Paul
  14. Food shortages next?

    Hopefully now folks will buy our amazing seafood and realise what we have instead of shipping 90% of it to Spain and France etc..... Bloody nightmare here normally east coast trying to ge decent scallops ... not the tiny damn things in freezer in a supermarket that should never have been...
  15. There is a God !

    Nightly habit now of check out dining room window with thermal .... then out with the FAC rapid 12 air rifle . With the Pard 007 on it Got chickens and beside a railway line so kinda inevitable ... I run traps round coop / run 24/7 also But by crickey the NV & thermal for rats is so...
  16. Pcp air rifle

    It’s not just about cost ..... I’ll use my FAC air in areas where .22lr is just a no no for various reasons.. safety etc ... But a 12ft/lb doesn’t cut it .... There is a place for FAC air of you have requirement for it ... they fill a niche just fine Many who comment just get a .22lr ( love...
  17. Wanted: Cocker spaniel

    Oh aye ..... scent gets up their nose blows their brains and last thing listen to is you ! Repeat repeat repeat and 500 times and just run ypur about to lose your **** ... 502 times and they do it on command [emoji23] Litter here two weeks old on Monday but I’m up in Montrose NE Scotland ...
  18. Food shortages next?

    You on some fancy Aussie diet? Pair of eyeballs from a rabbit not going to give much of a meal ! [emoji23] Paul
  19. Random thread - split out

    I got to do it when I was a trainee .... was an old single barrel bailable that we’d donkeys years old then ......... Goes with a fair whhoooommmph when it catches !! Although I believe newer platforms only use as a last resort and basically have a system that’s just a bigger version of the...
  20. Things To Do In Lockdown

    Well ... All my kit , jackets trousers , wet gear roe sacks etc ....and my tent as well all been out and blootered in Diverdave Repel... So if and when do get go ahead to venture forth ......everything all re-proofed for a wet ...summer autumn or whatever Paul