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  1. Anyone with this months Sporting rifle to hand?

    If so please can you PM me.
  2. 2 years later I got my first Chamois.

    It has been a long and emotional road but 4 days ago I got my first Chamois. It has taken 4 trips to Austria (2 of which got snowed off) but at last it has been done. All in all about 20 outtings. A very nice 8 year old. Took him at 315 meters at 45 degrees out the back of the high...
  3. Ugly but so beautiful.

  4. Declarations

    Quick question. Is it a legal requirement to tag a Carcass when it is in your chiller or does it only become a requirement when you pass the carcass on to a 3rd party? If you got inspected and there were carcass in the chiller that had not been tagged would this be an issue?
  5. Hunting And Sporting Scotland Ltd

    Has anyone come across this company or know who is behind it ? Hunting And Sporting Scotland Ltd There Facebook page is here
  6. Admin help or other input welcome

    Every time I try to post a photo I get the following message. IMG_1583.JPG: Exceeds your quota by 648.8 KB. <a href="misc.php?do=attachments" target="_blank">Click here to view your attachments</a> Can someone tell me how to get rid of this and what the photo quota is?
  7. A few from Africa

  8. Plains Game insurance

    I am heading to the Dark continent next week for my first adventure. I am totally struggling to find a insurance company that will cover any hunting activities :( Anyone able to assist ? ​
  9. 2 new rifles hit the market

    Today both Sauer and Mauser have released their latest rifles. These are both "budget" rifles. The Sauer 101 promo can be seen here. S101_Technikal Features_E - YouTube Mauser M12 can be seen here. Mauser M 12 - Technical Features (ENGLISH) - YouTube I personally think the Sauer wins...
  10. Deer Rescued by Helicopter

    Helicopter Blows Deer Trapped On Ice To Safety
  11. My new stalking car

    Being tested on a friend of mines test track :-D I want...
  12. As requested by MS a Poll

    Clearly there are people on this forum that are interested in Bow Hunting, rather than continuing to have posts about bow hunting popping up in other forums why not create a bow hunting area of the forums that people can read or ignore to their hearts content. Yes we know hunting with a bow is...
  13. New toy --- I want very much

    Presenting the Leica Geovid HD-B - Supreme precision, extra ordinary reliability and effortless ergonomics. For the past twenty years, Leica has been known as a pioneer in the field of laser rangefinding. Introduced in 1992, the original Leica Geovid was the world’s first pair of binoculars...
  14. Not a nice way to go

    I found these 2 boys in a proper tangle today. One was dead when I arrived the other was shortly after. The wiring is electric fencing wire.
  15. Deer Management Software

    I have started playing around with developing some Deer Management software. At the moment it is designed around my requirements, what I would be interested to hear what you guys would like to see if this was to be made public. At the moment I have: Cull Sheet Register High Seat Register...
  16. A few from Austria

  17. Ouchhhhh

    So I have just woken up after a Hernia opp and bugger me its painful. Not looking forward to being off games for a month :( Anyone able to give any advise?
  18. A couple from the weekend.

    Fallow Saturday morning, cleaned out head and legs off 120lbs not bad, Muntjac Sunday Morning. And a couple of Autumnal shots, to test the new camera.
  19. Questions for you Northern Hill Stalkers :)

    I am heading up to the Isle of Lewis next week for a holiday with 6 mates to bag a few stags. The estate has one stalker and the estate owner has asked me to act as the number 2 stalker so we can get more people out on the hill. I am normally a Lowland stalker so could you let me know what I...
  20. Has gun, will travel

    The other day I decided to put some stories onto a Blog, that might be of interest to some people here. Please let me know your thoughts, good or bad I can take it :) The English Sportsman