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  1. Dame judy dench

    Anyone seen the vitreolic crap by this so called celebrity condeming trophy huntingin todays express? she was in the bond films gloryfying the killing of human beings while claiming a big fat salary. Jeez these people make me sick!
  2. Insurance

    Hi all, Time to change my insurance from basc to a real insurance! Commercial stalker need cover for me and my clients any ideas please?
  3. For Sale: 270 brass

    Once fired 270 brass winchester head stamp £35 posted or swap for ppu like for like
  4. Swarovski binos

    Hi lads and lassies, 4 weeks ago i sent my 8 x42's back to swarovski as one lense was badly chipped. Got them back today fully repaired and cleaned in and out at no cost! They even paid the shipping This is what you call customer service! The binos are 24 years old. Steve
  5. Wanted: Winchester model 70 classic featherweight scope mounts

    Hi boys and girls,, Anyone know where i can source mounts and rings for my model70 classic? Steve
  6. Norma 204

    Hi all Could anyone tell me a stockist of norma 204 propellant? A friend gave me a tub and its a brilliant replacement for the h4350 just cant find any here in the west country. Any ideas would be welcome Cheers
  7. For Sale: Brass clear out

    7mm rem mag once fired brass as follows 43 sako @ £ 28 posted 53 mixed @£25 posted 40 rws @£28 posted Also 28 mixed 375 h&h £18 posted Steve
  8. For Sale: 375 h&h cases

    Hi i have 24 375 hh cases once fired offers anyone
  9. 22/250

    Hi lads Anyone got any powder suggestions for the 22/250? I have been using h380 for the last twenty years and it seems that europe decided it is dangerous (it sure is to foxes!) and unobtainable now. Any ideas? Steve
  10. Lee Bench prime

    Hi all i am looking for a lee bench prime large rifle mechanism, not the tray just the clear mech to fit the primer tray into. Just bought on from ebay and seller forgot to mention that it is broken! Thanks in advan e steve
  11. Swap: Muntjac

    Hi all is anyone out there interested in swapping a couple muntjac for a couple of roe? Steve
  12. Wanted: Wanted 220 swift

    Hi looking for a 220 swift if anyone has one for sale steve
  13. Sold: Photon XT 6.5 x50

    As new Photon XT 6.5 x 50 with Nightmaster Illuminator £425
  14. Available: Somerset Roe

    Roe buck stalking available. Walk and Stalk. High seat. DSC2 assessments All classes of buck in area starting at £75 Stalking fees £85/outing. Trophy Fees are £1/gram up to 500g of top skull without mandible. Additional wt in excess of 500g is charged at £9/gram. Weight will be determined 24...
  15. Hello from Sunny Somerset

    I am based in sunny Somerset in Roe heaven. I offer roe stalking, predominantly for bucks, but do offer a limited amount of doe stalking in the winter. I offer traditional walk-stalk and high seats in beautiful areas of woodland, grassland, and the wide open Downs. Look forward to meeting you...