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  1. Keela Heritage Ventile smock

    Hi All. I've had a ventile smock 30 years ago, so know what it does and it's characteristcs. But has anyone got, or had, one of these Keela ones? Mainly interested in sizing, for example is a 'size L' Large or Massive? I'm 5'8" so will the sleeves hang down to my knees? Any help will be...
  2. Wanted .270 and 30.06 for a photograph.

    Hi All. I have been commissioned to produce a photograph of the legal and common rifle cartridges used on deer in the UK. I've managed to collect everything from .222 upwards with the exception of .270 and 30.06. If anyone has one of these calibres and is prepared to seat a bullet in an empty...
  3. Sold: LONG SHOT. Boyd thumbhole stock for CZ527.

    I have for sale a Boyd laminate thumbhole stock for a CZ527 .223 cal. This stock is left handed but inletted and pillar bedded by McKillop for a right handed action. Anyone interested?
  4. Loading bench c--k up 6.5x55SE

    Hi. It's confession time for I have sinned. Didn't check the first case out of the body die, then sized another 14 Norma cases. As I went to unscrew the die I realised the lock nut was loose!!! So I've just body sized 15 Norma cases 9thou (measured off the datum with Hornady case comparator)...
  5. Sold: .223 reloading clearout

    Hi. Sold my .223 so need to get rid of my reloading bits. I have for sale (P&P included in all prices): 50 x Lapua match brass new boxed + 21 3 times fired. £25 167 x Vmax 55gr. £30 45x Sierra Blitzking 40gr + 32 Sierra GK SP 55gr. £10 Redding Body Die, Redding FL sizing die, Lee bullet seating...
  6. Case capacity 6.5x55 Norma v Sako v Federal

    Hi. Does anyone know the case capacity of the Norma v Sako v Federal? I'm guessing the Norma and Sako are the same but I haven't got any empty cases so can't check myself.
  7. Sold: Photon XT 6.5x50

    For sale Photon XT 6.5x50XT. Never been on a rifle (it was a replacement sent under warranty). Soft case, user manual, lens cap, cable. Sorry no box. Includes a 30mm standard length Nightmaster weaver/picattini mount. £225 ONO posted. Can provide photos if you are keen.
  8. Price drop on venison

    Just heard that Hampshire Game are going to drop the price to 50p a pound. Reason being they have too many carcases and too few outlets. Is it the rumour mill? I will phone for confirmation in the morning in any case, and post on here.
  9. Delta-titanium-3-24x56

    Hi. I'm interested in the above 'scope. Has anyone here got first hand experience, or own one?
  10. Javelin bipod.

    I'm trying to put this mint condition bipod up for sale on the 'classifieds'. Although I have 33 posts and been a member for a few years it says I don't meet the criteia to advertise. A message to the moderators has gone unanswered. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. Steyr Mannlicher CL2

    I have scoured Google but can't find the answer, so hopefully someone here can help. Does anyone know whether the barrel on a CL2 is screw fitted or press fitted into the action?