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    Went out with Malcolm over the weekend for 4 stalks. Very large population of deer on his grounds and there was only one outing where we weren’t able to take a shot - even then, we saw half a dozen plus roe does + fallow (bucks and does). Highlight of the weekend being this mature buck on an...
  2. Carpathian Adventure

    Excellent trophy and beautiful scenery. I have spent a fair bit of time on the Ukrainian side of the Carpathian Mountains (took a leak across the border into Romania, i.e EU...) and it is beautiful country.
  3. All night vigil in Forest of Dean : Magic!

    Nice write up and nice reference to the Rachmaninoff choral work, which is sublime.
  4. A little Hebridean Spring fishing.

    Beautiful fish on the various posts
  5. Lets Talk about The Zeiss V4

    Curious why you are not a big fan of Japanese glass and on what basis you say it has come along in the last few years? I've never owned scopes or binos from Japanese companies so I can't comment specifically on hunting equipment, but on the photography side, Canon/Nikon have always been known...
  6. Sold: Devon Fallow Buck during the October rut. All booked up.

    Great bloke, Richard. Very transparent and a man of integrity. If I wasn't across the pond, would definitely come back for some fly fishing or stalking.
  7. Bucket list hunt?

    Thanks Richard. Will have to pick your brain over Montana/Wyoming. Going to head over there in April for a quick reccy ahead of some fishing / hunting
  8. Bucket list hunt?

    Also interesting, but it is an antelope, not a deer. More of a semantic point and I hope to shoot one in any case.
  9. Bucket list hunt?

    Just moved to the US so would like to shoot representatives of the native deer species, which I think are: White tail deer Mule deer Caribou Elk Moose Would also like to look into sheep and goats.
  10. Part 3 - Wildfowling Scotland

    Another great write up. Whereabouts where you?
  11. Wonderful Highland Adventure - Part 1

    Beautiful stag and a great piece of writing.
  12. Texas deer season starts tomorrow.

    Capt David, whereabouts in Texas are you and can you recommend any good ranches for deer near Houston? I’m moving to the East coast and going to travel to Houston and Dallas most weeks. Thanks!
  13. organize and say the truth

    I have heard only good things about George too and would happily reach out to him if I were considering hunting in Hungary. Ultimately, travelling overseas for hunting is expensive hobby for most and not something you will do every year. A lot of less scrupulous outfitters recognise this and...
  14. On the odd occasion.

    Excellent! Great looking animal. Good job!
  15. Deer stalking October 2017

  16. Medal Roebuck cost

    Those are incredible heads! The one on the left is extraordinary - both extremely unusual and extremely heavy.
  17. Translation to French

    Depending on the length I am happy to look at this for free. I split my time between London and Paris and use French daily.
  18. Moose Bull in Sweden.

    Great write up, John. Excellent record for posterity. Good man
  19. Mid Asian Ibex Hunt - Anyone know anything?

    I can't speak from experience of hunting there, but I know the 'stans reasonably well and would suggest visiting Kyrgyzstan in the first instance. It is reasonably well geared up and accepting of Western tourism, comparatively safe from a terrorism perspective and there are fewer issues (as a...
  20. Snow camo overalls / hunting outfit

    Thanks, Nigel. Yes, it is indeed very chilly! It will be a place where temperatures can fall to -30 to -40 C so I want to make sure I'm not caught out... Agree with your general approach to layering. I was in Norway hunting for mountain reindeer this year and as soon as we finished climbing a...