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  1. Sold: 10 bore

    10 bore Zabala SxS for sale. + 200 10 bore cartridges. £550
  2. Roe rut

    People seeing any activity yet ??
  3. 2018 roe rut

    I know it’s early but has anyone seen any activity yet , I was speaking to a friend last night and he said he seen a mature buck chasing a doe for a good half hour two nights ago just outside Perth
  4. Roe trophy

    How long do you have to wait now to get a head measured after it’s been boiled. I’m aware it used to be 90 days but this changed last year Someone said a fort night Someone told me 10 days then someone said tonight 30 days Can anyone confirm what one is correct
  5. Sold: Ferrets

    Ferret kits free to good homes 13 to choose from. Ready in a couple of weeks from Perthshire
  6. Bird flu

    Does anyone know if the bird flu ban on ducks and poultry has been lifted today in Scotland??
  7. Wanted: Black lab pup

    Black Labrador male pup wanted from good working stock Prefer local to perthshire but will travel for right dog
  8. Wanted: Silver

    Wanted bars of silver
  9. Wanted: Bikini covers

    Bikini covers for a swarovski 8/50 scope
  10. Wanted: Bikini covers

    Bikini covers for a S&B 8/56
  11. Landward

    Hen harrier persecution on now
  12. Sold: Feeders

    Pheasant feeders wanted. Perth area hopefully
  13. Football

    England out of euros:rofl:
  14. Landward

    On now. About deer population
  15. Lion

    What's a lions favourite snack??? a lion bar :rofl:
  16. Burger maker

    As per title, anybody know where I can get a decent burger making machine? Seen two on amazon but don't know if they would be any good.
  17. Roe report

    Anybody know when the roe report appears in shooting times
  18. Wood burning stove

    Had a stove fitted in September and going great until last Thursday, it is blowing smoke back into the house through the top vent .. Spoke to people at stove shop , they say it is the change in temperature .. Any idea what is causing this?
  19. Whale hunters

    As per title whale hunters on bbc2 at 9o clock... WARNING some strong language and some upsetting scenes