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  1. Infrared sensors avoid deer roadkill

    Hello all, We have an expérimentation in France / Isère for avoiding collision between cars and deers/wildboars on road. See the 2 links (In French) : Isère : Ces radars « anti-gibier » qui ont du succès Rhône-Alpes : les radars «anti-gibier», ça marche A traduction of one of the 2...
  2. Gun plug

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone use a "Gun plug" for hunting ? I use one since i fell in the snow and my barrel was obstructed. Now this plug is always on my rifle. It's very convenient during rainy days too, the water doesn't enter in my barrel. Bigboar,
  3. Hello from French Alps

    Hi everyone, I’m 36 years old French Hunter. I hunt mainly in the Alps. The summer, I hunt fox and Roe Deer with my R93 mounted with a .243w barrel. During the Autumn and winter, I hunt Deer, Wildboar, Chamois and Roe Deer. I use my R93 but with a short 50cm 9,3x62 barrel. I have...