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  1. Game dealers in Dorset

    Can you give the details of the one in Dorchester please - my usual guy is closing down for a few weeks soon to do some work on his chiller and I will need to use someone else for a while. Badsworth
  2. Heard the first roar tonight.

    Where was that friend? (just the general location) ??? B
  3. Locations for viewing the Red Deer rut on Exmoor

    Thankyou - that is exactly the kind of info I needed. Dunkery Beacon it is! B
  4. Locations for viewing the Red Deer rut on Exmoor

    Can anyone offer any suggestions for locations from which to VIEW (only) the Red Deer rut on Exmoor this Sept/Oct? I am going to be staying for a few days and my wife has asked if we can find a location to view the RD during the rut (probably influenced by 'Autumnwatch'). I don't have any...
  5. Could this be a cancerous tumour.

    I took an apparently healthy Roe Buck this morning with a Heart/Lung shot. When I was dressing the carcass I opened up the chest cavity as usual and found that it contained a good quantity of pussy yellow fluid that looked like custard and had the same consistency. The chest organs were...
  6. Boar novice in need of advice

    Alarm Clocks "If you buy a cheap little clock and attach a string to the battery and put the string across the feeding area or attach it at the logs of wood on top of the chicken feed, the battery is pulled out when the boar touch the wire. Then you know the time they will approxamitely...
  7. steyr scout anyone got any views

    Scout in .223 I have had a Scout in .223 for about a year. I shoot homeloads and it groups 3/8" @100 yards. I have a Svarovski 6-24 PV on it and I have taken foxes at over 300 yards. I love it. I have a Ching sling but haven't really used it - most of my shots are taken in a prone...
  8. New Forum

    Gets my vote too! B
  9. do you home load

    Do you Reload? Yes - .223 .25-06 B