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  1. Charity Stalk at Wretton Hall in aid of BLESMA

    As some of you may recall Monkey Spanker auctioned an afternoon stalking which was kindly donated by Henry Skeffington of Real Big 5 - All proceeds went to BLESMA. A further generous offer by MS to stalk some of his ground in Suffolk was also on the cards once I had been with Henry (write up to...
  2. Gun Dog training

    I have an 11 month old Fox Red Lab. I am looking for it to get trained (for next season) as unfortunately I do not have the time to do it. Does anyone know of a good/well thought after gun dog trainer in the Essex area or maybe slightly further out? Thanks in advance, Joe.
  3. Single trigger to double trigger - easy transition?

    Morning all, I am in the process of looking for a new side by side. Since I first started shooting I have always shot a single trigger gun, whether it was my over and under, semi-auto or my single trigger side by side. As there is a greater availability of double trigger side by side shotguns...
  4. Dsc 1

    Hi there, I was wondering whether it is possible to have a 1 on 1 DSC 1 assessment rather doing the courses arranged by the BASC and the like.. The reason for this is that the nearest place to me doing the course is in Epping on 10-13th December but unfortunately it would be tricky to make the...
  5. Wanted: Deer stalking in close proximity to Leeds

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows anyone/somewhere possible to stalk (or high seat shoot) deer near Leeds? I go to the University of Leeds and at times I get very bored of the city life!! I do have some experience stalking deer. Cheers, Joe
  6. After a new stalking jacket

    Hi there, I am after a new stalking jacket and I am wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of a good one for the job.. Versatile, good value for money, comfortable, etc Cheers, Joe
  7. Game dealer in Essex

    Hi there, Does anyone know a good game dealer in Essex (I live just outside Chelmsford). Cheers, Joe
  8. Hi

    Hi there, Thanks for allowing me to join the site and I am looking forward to learning lots more about shooting etc I am from Essex and I have shot from a young age. When I am not at university I run my own small pheasant shoot, feed the flight ponds and do a bit of deer stalking (whilst I am...
  9. Game Larder

    Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone recommends a company where I could buy a game larder from? I see Coolgame UK sell larders as do Tarrant Refrigeration (plus a few others) but maybe someone has a larder from somewhere else or even from one of these companies? Someone may even know the...