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  1. Sold: 120 .270 once fired brass

    Many thank David
  2. Sold: 120 .270 once fired brass

    I'll take then have you PayPal account many thanks David
  3. For Sale: Stainless Steel 30mm Optiloc Medium Rings & Bases (£110 Posted)

    Hi what size rail are they for many thanks David
  4. Winchester 70 270cal

    Thanks all very helpful Any view on what ammunition suits Winchester 70 270 cal best will start home loading once man cave in. Loft sorted. David
  5. Winchester 70 270cal

    Yes mate spot on
  6. Winchester 70 270cal

    Thanks that's good to know as pick one up Thursday
  7. Winchester 70 270cal

    Thanks still learning all the time
  8. Winchester 70 270cal

    Has anyone any views
  9. D

    Comment by 'David T Hall' in media 'three legged deer'

    hi Mark nice night out stalking thanks my first Muntjac
  10. Sold: Spartan Javelin Standard Bipod Plus Extras

    very interested how to pay please
  11. Sold: Pulsar N750A Digital NV

    hi is it still available
  12. Wanted: Hooks and skids

    Hi if you have a drawing could possible to make of you
  13. David For Hamshire

    Hi all have been shotgun shooting for 30 years plus just taken up deer stalking have past DSC 1 just waiting for FAC to arrive have good friend taking me out stalking have shot my first muntjac happy days ahead looking to bye .270 243 .22