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  1. philip

    Do all Game Dealers refuse Red Deer with Warbles

    My Mrs paid for me to go on 2 day butchers course, it was all pig but it put me in a better spot, I done a full rack of fallow Xmas day and our guests thought I paid for it, I was right chuffed All I had was a pile of bones leftover, keep at it, don’t give it away mate, worse scenario eat it...
  2. philip

    Do all Game Dealers refuse Red Deer with Warbles

    Yep +1 on the above Also look around further afield , dealers will collect, even if you have a couple there is a lot of meat on a Red a good £ sign for them to collect, my main guy is miles away, but collects any fallow to order, if it is 3 or less I have, as he passes by if I ring him, he has...
  3. philip

    Do all Game Dealers refuse Red Deer with Warbles

    Find another game dealer Clarify on numbers they will take and species including warble activity Some may use warble as an excuse not to take too much this time of year One I use near me will only take fallow up to mid December and does not want Roe or Muntjac - payment next day £1.95 lb My...
  4. philip

    Touch up paint for S&B scope

    Cheers I’m trying to get a Matt and a gloss touch up pen from ANT supplies Can’t seem to get any further past pay pal to pay for them :( I’ll give the sharpie a go
  5. philip

    Hunter / Game Tags

    Yep + 1 on the BDS tags they are pretty sound There is a company that you can get them personalised if you wanted i believe :zzz:
  6. philip

    Flask recommendations please

    Spot on the pre heat is essential, I've got a rake of absolutely brilliant flasks, I keep going back for the same three stanley flasks because they work, i only ever had one dodgy top i changed that and they have been faultless, i use two soup type ones you can use as cups as well and a large...
  7. philip

    Which other meat (if any) do you mix minced venison with?

    I’ve tried venison / bacon burgers they are delicious :) Roll on the summer. BBQ time ( tried BBQ in the winter at home - frowned upon) its a summer thingy apparently
  8. philip

    Which other meat (if any) do you mix minced venison with?

    50/50 venision and pork - the best I’ve made I did try 70% venison and 30% rabbit with celerac. - they are disgusting :( - even the dogs tried to hide em up I’ve now settled on lavender or curry with cider or porter with the 50/50 mix with a seasoned binder from my local butcher , that has...
  9. philip


    Hi Leupsak To be honest I agree with you 100% on all of the above. As far as the AW debacle, I’ve taken two L2 candidates out since the news on charging and both have said they are fine on paying a fee, I have never charged a penny ever, I Hope common sense will prevail on this as it is a...
  10. philip


    The way I see it Deer stalking as well as other sporting shooting is always under threat The shooting fraternity doesn’t need any further de frag, Shooting is always under attack But like it or not - not to support our only shooting voice is like preparing to fail, I’m always looking on...
  11. philip

    A word of caution regarding safety catches...

    That’s always Scary don’t get that with a Blaser really brings it home when your out stalking with a potential voluntary discharge waiting in the shadows - i can’t help check my rifle on a regular basis when out - it’s a built in thing i guess. whatever the make
  12. philip

    Free: Leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead

    yep. i’ve never had a dog as hardworking as a wire they are remarkable whether tracking or all round field work, they do everything with velocity and have a can do attitude, 100% loyal working dog that will work from sun up to sundown and more, they ain’t the easiest dog to get on board with...
  13. philip

    Free: Leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead

    AJR posted this morning all the best phil
  14. philip

    A rubbish knife that won't sharpen...return?

    I won a boker in a competition, steel was absolutely horrendous, wouldn’t hold a sharp for anytime, in the end it fell on the grinder and is no more For a general day to day knife at work I use the Mora’s or frost, at least they take an edge and hang on to it for a while and normaly stainless...
  15. philip

    Free: Leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead

    Yep he was a big lad, excelled at everything, strong as an Ox, hard going, best shooting partner you could wish for
  16. philip

    Free: Leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead

    Hi AJR It’s yours - can you pm me you address and I’ll post in the next couple days Cheers Phil
  17. philip

    Free: Leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead

    Guys I have a hand made leather tracking harness and Niggelo tracking lead in used but in good condition to fit a GWP, my wire weighed in at 50 kg so any GWP it will fit as it is fully adjustable. ( bit big for my new lad Nugget - the teckle :)) I would prefer it goes to a wire owner who Is...
  18. philip

    Your favourite method for preventing a scope slipping in the rings?

    A copper liner or shim may give you a bit extra torque, it will need to cover the whole diameter or just use it as a shim to reduce the internal space , optilock due internal nylon liners but they are a bit thick compared to copper Good luck, at worst a re zero should sort after
  19. philip

    trigger springs

    + 1 on Rimfire magic Give em a call, they should be able to sort for you Good luck Phil
  20. philip

    Foxing tally year 2019

    Just got in - frozen, been down the other side of canterbury laid up overlooking a valley alongside a small holding ( in my truck half the time thank Christ, it was freezing) See one dog fox ( the chicken stealer) in perfect condition 170 yds with the 222 with photon on top, off of sticks No...