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  1. CarlW

    Hows Zimbabwe going this week?

    Yes. All social media blocked. Am now getting through on email, though. People are pretty scared. People are dying. My white friends are safe but have bags packed in case they need to run.
  2. CarlW

    Hows Zimbabwe going this week?

    I am trying to get through to my partners and friends via Whatsapp but the government has blocked it.
  3. CarlW

    it gets right on my T*ts

    I agree. I think many stalkers are quite independent people. Not so 'clubbable' as, say, most game-shooters are.
  4. CarlW


    Well done, Kes. I will respect all confidentiality. Kind regards, Carl
  5. CarlW

    What's in your Wild Food Larder?

    Same here. Hate buying meat. When in the UK: wild venison and home-shot lamb/mutton. Kill and butcher it all myself. Supplemented by the occasional bunny, pheasant and pigeon. When in Moz: wild venison of whatever flavour the clients shoot. Butchered by Ferez, the cook, so I can't take credit...
  6. CarlW

    Deerhunter muflon jacket

    Wonderful jacket. Too big and warm for the hill but fabulous for everything else. Kind regards, Carl
  7. CarlW

    Wanted: New Syndicate around Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and into S Wales

    Hi @Scotty99. Is this going ahead? Kind regards, Carl
  8. CarlW

    A sad reflection of western corporate values

    I shave with a 9" Bowie knife, the blunter the better. Razors are for girls...:)
  9. CarlW

    And Now What?

    100% this.
  10. CarlW

    And Now What?

    I hate them all, almost without exception.
  11. CarlW

    Cost to Process?

    Go on a course. Butchery is very forgiving of us amateurs. When you first set out, you end up producing a lot of mince and a few nice cuts. As you improve, your cuts:mince ratio improves but you still end up with the same amount of meat.
  12. CarlW

    A sad reflection of western corporate values

    'Masculine' is now a pejorative term. I meet more and more gelded men every day.
  13. CarlW

    And Now What?

    This is why we have failed. Her dancing demonstrates a level of dyspraxia that is inconsistent with effective and elegant negotiation. She simply does not have the room-reading abilities or the people skills to do the job. But then they're all idiots. No deal is now my own preferred option...
  14. CarlW

    And Now What?

    The level of incompetence is shameful. Two years to achieve SFA. She is a disgrace.
  15. CarlW

    And Now What?

    Sadly, I agree.
  16. CarlW

    And Now What?

    She should be horsewhipped.
  17. CarlW

    Do all Game Dealers refuse Red Deer with Warbles

    I have never heard of that happening. Kind regards, Carl
  18. CarlW


    Understood. Note Varget will soon not be available in the UK; therefore, you will need to work up a new load at some point anyway. RS50 and RS52 are good alternatives. Kind regards, Carl
  19. CarlW


    I would like a meaningful vote on finnbear270's online navigation skills...:p
  20. CarlW


    Hey Mike243, Personally, I am a little bit worried by that lost data book. How long ago did you last load some ammunition? Are you absolutely 100% certain that the powder you are about to use is the same powder as that in the deconstructed rounds that you are in the process of weighing? Unless...