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  1. For Sale: Painting of a Red stag

    Hi Guys my wife has been paining for a fair few years with a nice following and she has been commissioned to paint a roaring stag for a friend of mine. The painting is 32x40 inches and as you can see it is a lovely piece. Unfortunately the buyer in question due to radical change in circumstances...
  2. Wanted: Leupold RVF DD mounts and medium rings

    Looking for a set of Leupold RVF mounts in DD for a Remington 700 with medium 1 inch rings if anyone has one laying around. Thanks Rob
  3. Sold: Hawke LRF 400 hunter laser rangefinder

    Hi due to my wife surprised me with a vortex fury these are now surplus to requirement. I had them for a year from new and to be honest barely used them due to always forgetting them in my car :) It is in immaculate condition and comes with holder, strap and it’s original box. Great little...
  4. Sauer 100 in 30.06 best factory ammunition

    Hi all i have the above rifle (sauer 100 xt) in 30.06 as my boar/red rifle. I have been using 150gr Winchested XP that was bullet on bullet but suffers 2-3 misfires per box that is unacceptable. I have been trying Sako superhammerheads 150gr but the grouping (probably due to longer bullets) are...
  5. Sold: Sako super hammerhead 150gr 30.06 ammunition for sale

    36 x Sako Super hammerhead 30.06 150gr ammunition - aka 2 box one has 4 missing. best ammunition i have ever used with my old 30.06. These retail for £40-45 per box so £60 face to face sale (Durham) with me entering it onto your ticket. Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions thanks
  6. Sold: Wildcat Evolution 14/1 bridge section

    Hi i have an immaculate condition Wildcat evolution 14/1 bridge section for sale. I have bought this to make my 223 18/1 Evo interchangeable between my 223 and 243 but my new rifle came with a new 243 evo on it so this is now surplus. £45 posted next day delivery. Thanks Rob
  7. Fantastic service from Wildcat!

    Hi Guys after cleaning my wildcat evo 243 moderator (i got a .223 on too) i noticed that in the diffuser my steel cone has come loose. Ok did not think much of it but just to be on the safe side - after checking my purple .223 diffuser that was rock solid tight - i have sent an email to Al...
  8. Wanted: Wildcat Evo parts

    Hi Guys i would like to share my Wildcat evo mod between my two tikka t3x s currently i have it on the 223 varmint with 223 (purple) diffuser and m18/1 bridge to put it onto a 243 t3x lite i need a m14/1 bridge and a 243(green) diffuser if anyone have some around that they willing to sell pls...
  9. Sold: Benelli M2 and Franchi Affinity oversized bolt handle

    Benelli M2 and Franchi Affinity oversized bolt handle. Got it To replace cumbersome factory flat handle and now sold the gun. Much nicer than the original part. This is a factory Benelli accessory. As far as I am aware there are no same or similar oversized bolt handles to source currently in...
  10. Sold: Vortex cantilever 2-inch offset 30 mm mount

    Vortex cantilever 2 inch offset mount, for 30 mm scopes to be mounted onto picatinny rails. Hands down the best cantilever mounts you can buy. It was intended to be used with a yukon photon RT but nightvision (20MOA rail is also for sale) has been sold so no longer needed. New condition with...
  11. For Sale: Britannia Tikka T3 20MOA picatinny rail

    Britannia Tikka T3 (T3x) 20MOA standard aluminium rail. My night vision (yukon photon RT ... it can only be zeroed with a 20MOA rail) has been sold so no longer needed all bolts present (torx head) like new condition (bought form optics warehouse £59.95) £30 posted first class recorded delivery
  12. Wanted: baikal stealth 410 synthetic

    Hi i am after a baikal stealth 410 synthetic (preferably ejector) shotgun for my son and for ratting. If anyone has one for sale around Durham (can travel for the right gun 100 miles.. ish) please PM me thank you and safe shooting Rob
  13. Sold: Warne Maxima medium 1 inch scope rings

    Warne Maxima 201 New never been mounted on rifle (no box as came pre-mounted on my new scope) medium height for one inch scopes (£39.95 new) The Maxima Fixed Ring Series fit Weaver style cross slot bases and...
  14. Wanted: Tikka t3x 25mm scope mount

    I am looking for a set of 25 mm scope rings and mounts (optilocks, warne etc) for my tikka t3x to mount a 50mm objective Nikon scope thanks Rob
  15. Wanted: Advice and what's available

    Hi folks quick question as my budget allows I could either get a Burris 4x 56 or a vortex crossfire II hog hunter. Anyone has one or would recommend one over the other ? Many thanks or please let me know if anyone has any illuminated prefered scope for sale within my £300 budget thanks Rob
  16. Wanted: DPT magnum body 15/1

    Hi Guys if anyone has a DPT Magnum body (MK I) with 15/1 thread that they wish to sell (Bill does not have any in stock) or even better willing to swap for an identical (30 rounds fired, always sleeved) non-magnum body please let me know thanks Rob
  17. This is worth to watch about General License ...

    This is worth to watch it goes deep and explains a lot ... hope it gets to those who got the community and in this case the whole country to this mess ... and as it indicates it started a massive avalanche that is detrimental to the countryside and economy :(
  18. Sold: Butler Creek 19 eye flip cover to fit Yukon Photon RT 6x50 or other 44 mm eyepiece scopes

    I have accidentally bought 2 of these Butler Creek 19 eye flip covers. It is perfect to fit the Yukon Photon RT 6x50 eyepiece. I use it instead of the rubber eye piece. In my experience it is much better for night time (and overcast daytime) shooting. £10 posted recorded delivery. Of course it...
  19. For Sale: Hawke Flip covers 61050 (ocular/eye) and 61009 (objective)

    Hello i have for same a pair of Hawke alluminium flip covers i had on my Vanatage 3-9x50 subsonic. These will fit a wide variety of Hawke scopes (you can check on their website by your model, if it comes up as a recommended accessory then it will fit) they are really well made and a nice add on...