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  1. Mammal Society - The Unusual Roe Deer of East Anglia

    Interesting article in their latest newsletter on the relationship between roe fertility and their home range habitat quality...
  2. Article on stalking and venison from The Sunday Telegraph

    A pretty good article I thought, though I might not personally refer to a young roe buck as a “pricket”.
  3. Help on identifying fungi

    I know there are several members here who are pretty hot on all things fungi, so hoping they can confirm identification of the following: Fly Agaric? Common Puffball? Snowy Waxcap? No idea about these!
  4. And a Dumfrieshire Roe Buck

  5. A Dumfries and Galloway Roe Doe

  6. Lovely work by Alan at Danum Blades

    I’ve had an Eka Swingblade pretty much since they first came out. To be honest, though, I’ve never really liked it. The concept is very clever, but rotating the blade means that you get blood and other detritus inside the handle. Not a problem if you only have one beast to gralloch, but a bit...
  7. Moose in swimming pool

    This story popped up on my Facebook feed. Not overly familiar with moose, but to me it looks like it may be badly tick-infested, so not sure I’d have wanted to go for a dip in the pool afterwards.
  8. Interesting Woodcock Story from GWCT

    Thought this might get a little more coverage here than in the "other shooting" sub-forum...
  9. Red doe fawn......

    The often heated debate over Bullets vs Heads leaves me cold, but this type of mistake really grates. The Daily Telegraph sub-editors really need to get their act together!
  10. What happened to "Edit"?

    For some reason when I look at my recent past posts the "Edit" option now seems to have disappeared. This is happening on the laptop, iPad and phone. What have I messed up??!!
  11. Has anyone here used an F Dick Ham Boner?

    I have a worrying urge to buy one for boning out haunches. I normally just using a regular boning knife, but having seen their Ham Boner I can feel the "proper tool for the job" excuse rearing its ugly head!
  12. My Mechanics on YouTube

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I find this guys work on YouTube amazing. I know there are others here who appreciate the skills of machining:
  13. Mandibular osteomyelitis ("lumpy jaw") in muntjac?

    Following on from my post on bTB in muntjac, I thought the photos here might be of interest. This is a young muntjac buck shot in early 2018. It showed no signs of discomfort and appeared to be grazing normally, however on inspection it was clear that there was a significant abscess...
  14. bTB in Muntjac

    In the course of my absence from the site I encountered my first case of bTB in a muntjac, so I thought it might be interesting for others to read about. The buck was shot on a September evening from a high seat in an area of woodland in Berkshire. The buck was observed for approximately 10...
  15. For Sale: Kammo Photo-Stalk Jacket XL/XXL

    The great jacket clear out continues! This is a Kammo jacket in their photo-stalk pattern - I think the Kodiak model though it doesn't have the ruck-strap system but has everything else they reference: Kodiak Jacket Image - (End of line stock) I have had this for 10 years or so, but have...
  16. Muntjac Buck(s)

    Whilst I was watching the roe in the other thread, these two muntjac bucks appeared. Anyone who has seen my earlier photos might well recognise this path, as clearly it's a favourite for roe, muntjac and foxes alike!
  17. Roe Rut 2017 - Day 1

    Caught up with this buck and doe early this morning. They didn't seem overly excited but there was some half-hearted following of the doe by the buck. I moved round the field to try to get to a better position, only to find another buck come through the hedgeline. He was clearly...
  18. Sold: Umarex CP-88 .177 CO2 Powered Air Pistol

    I bought this new some years ago but other than an occasional plinking session in the garden it hasn't been used, so time for it to go. It is the regular model CP88, with the 4" barrel, as seen here: It comes in the original...
  19. Stalking a muntjac

    I saw this muntjac buck coming from the cover crop and then crossing the track: As he moved into the hay field I and browsed his way along the hedge I managed to stalk into him and capture a few shots: After the last one my young cocker appeared through the hedge from where...