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  1. Queen"s first trip out of lockdaawn

    Is it just me or do others find her first visit out is to Porton Down? it seems a little insensitive to me after Wuhan was blamed for Covid-19.
  2. Chevrolet Niva anyone?

    All the old mechanicals underneath but in a new dress, and costing peanuts. Driving on a motorway russian style. Chevrolet für € 11.990,- With aircon the cars are for sale here. I am giving it some thought. Chevrolet für € 9.950,- Without aircon they all are LHD with legal...
  3. A way to get your boar

    Put up on YT by the big Franconia hunting store, almost no music and apart from the German language only it"s clear what is going on so must be some tips in it for someone, so enjoy.
  4. Using plastic pallet as floor

    I just thought this might give someone an idea, made of rot proof polypropylene cost new around £20.
  5. US NRA under threat

    The New York Attorney General seems to be using dirty tricks to destabilise Trump"s reelection?
  6. Low priced Suzuki Vitara"s 4WD new

    I have found a small importer for the new Suzuki Vitara mild hybrid in southern Germany, he orders them directly from the factory in Hungary and has them delivered to Rosenheim in Bavaria where you then get the papers sent to you for to register the car in your area. The LHD euro version 1.4...
  7. Rebuilding a power steering pump

    It seems Covid has stopped the world functioning as I cannot source a new pump for my relative exotic Tata Xenon pickup everywhere it is on backorder. The pump is losing fluid but when topped up the system works then seeps away slowly. I am against doing any long trips in case the unit seized...
  8. Hunting lease game in Germany

    My next door neighbour 68 y/o has carried on a 850 ha lease from his father since 1956, it is due to expire in two years and he has expressed a desire to the local landowners association to arrange a lease pre-renewal agreement for the following nine years of the new lease to include his son in...
  9. New words coming from the beeb

    Staycation?????????? How about Stoliday too?
  10. Feather development

    We have a common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) nesting in the eaves of our roof. A feather came down yesterday and I was just looking at it in wonder and I thought what makes the feathers as they grow out from the papilla change their colour from light brown to dark brown and back again as they...
  11. An old Elmer Keith article

    I read this article yesterday in a 70"s Guns & Ammo magazine about Keith"s experiments before WW2 on adding a tube inside the case to bring the flash of the primer up to the base of the bullet to get the burn started behind the bullet rather than from the base of the case so-by reversing the...
  12. SIG Sauer are bankrupt

    It came to me in an article in the July magazine DJZ over here in Germany. 125 workers are to lose their jobs, the reasons were stated to be a shrinking market of sporting & government sales with C19 now on top so they have just rolled over and died. Beware of buying a rifle as spares will be an...
  13. Pulling bullets

    Hi, I picked up some very hard to find 6 gram RWS but as reloads off egun so not being such a trusting soul I have pulled the bullets and weighed each charge of the unknown powder, result with 16 cartridges was a spread from 44.2 up to 47.9 grains, averaged out the total powder of 548.3 grains...
  14. Lutz Möller the bulletmaker has died

    Just saw the news on DJZ TV they reported that last week he crashed an ultralight plane from 10 metres height, another person was injured. He was 69 years old.
  15. Just found due to covid 18.75 some free tv channels

    They are doing a bunch of free viewing. Enjoy.
  16. Follow on from my last post ref the dies.

    The last ad is just to show how things were pre the 1968 gun control act in the USA.
  17. Old 1960"s ads for different dies

    These ads are from an old American Rifleman issue. The interesting thing is both dies have a 7/8th threaded body with inserts to be able to change calibres to keep the costs down. I have never heard of such dies before so thought I would put them up for the group to see.
  18. Not sure where to put this post

    I was a member of the Detroit Sportsman"s congress which was a large upper Detroit shooting range/club in the 1980"s. One of the members told me of a group of them after shooting, retired to a nearby bar as was usual then. A guy in the bar came over and asked them if they were interested in a...
  19. Heads up on another Blaser calibre

    8.5x55 Blaser for using out of short moderated barrels (seems to be using a .338 bullet). It was tested in the german DJZ hunting magazine this month that came in the post this morning. Not for me as I do not rifle shoot moderated. Is being loaded by two firms Norma 14.9 grams 820 m/s & Sax 9...
  20. Pilkington QD device

    August 1980 American Rifleman magazine page 61. Fits to standard Redfield/Leupold scope mounts rear block and replaces one of the side screws with a lever (only 4 parts in the kit) they tested it a lot on a 1903 Springfield converted to 25-06 and it went back to zero every time. The kit was...