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  1. Wanted: Zeiss Design Collection ( Night Owls ) 7x45 B T*P*

    Looking for a pair in “very good” condition and must be given of the green rubber armouring please. Thank you K
  2. For Sale: Brian Sampson Mini Skinner

    Any interest in this fine piece of kit from a sadly long departed Maker? Swap Sell (£125) Whatever! K
  3. Steady Those Bins Without Fatigue

    This neat gadget attaches to your bins if the don't have a tripod screw thread and would allow any number of options for supporting when in a highseat: K
  4. For Sale: Lone Wolf William W Harsey T3 Folder

    A chance to purchase what are now a very collectable knife and best described as a "Beast of a Folder" such is the size and build quality. The knife is used but in very good condition: £300 posted In the US these much-in-demand large hunter folders sell for some serious money! Thank you. K
  5. Working From Home Knife

    Notwithstanding I clearly need knife collector therapy at least my savings on the daily commute are being invested wisely: Or so I inform Mrs. Klenchblaize! K
  6. Lockdown Project Fox

    Deeply engrossed in my "Lockdown Project" and looking forward to the first test firing of 300 watts into each driver via a pair of custom crossovers, the ping of my phone afforded the opportunity to stretch my 63-year old knees. The text message was not good news as it simply read: “Away in...
  7. University Of The Grooved Bore - 10000th Post

    Deep in the bowels of the house the kettle reaches boiling point as I quietly unlock the rifle safe. Withdrawing my new .22 air-powered beauty, nestling between a Hornet and .300 Weatherby (rabbits grow large in my neck of the woods!), I struggle to remember when last I’d been afield with what...
  8. Only 50 To Go!

  9. Give Zeiss Credit Where Credit’s Due

    I would just like to say a big thank you to Gary at ECBR (Official Zeiss UK Servicing Agent) for excellent service and as someone who's been rather critical of Zeiss Customer Service in the past. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Zeiss Diavari 6 - 24X56 T* FL from a SD member. It arrived in...
  10. For Sale: Brno/CZ 22 Rimfire 1" Low Rings

    Of Parker Hale manufacture with the removable recoil stud in both: £30 posted K
  11. So You're Workshop Is Complete?

    Must have taken a lifetime to get to this point: K
  12. Poetry Please (#2)

    I could swear I started a thread of the above title a few years ago but can't find it so here goes again. I love the middle verse and one line in particular: "I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made; Nine bean-rows will I have...
  13. Sold: S&B 4 -16x50 Long Range

    In mint condition and with ultra-fine crosshair: Box and paperwork long gone. £820.00 Posted (Insured Royal Mail) K
  14. Another One Bites The Dust!

    And just before furnishing pictures of the scope he had for sale! K
  15. 6.5X55SM New Load Development Steer

    Hi Not looking for your 'pet' powder charge but rather a heads-up in what might work in terms of a heavier bullet, for woodland roe and fallow, in my exceptionally pretty Sauer 90 and that to date I have only shot 95g Balistic Tips through! That said it must be observed it has produced some...
  16. Lockdown & Loft Find Project

    A few pictures of what's best described as "Stage 1" with more to follow: I've been amazed how the old school approach to a music system install eats-up wall space and 240v twin outlet sockets! I am however attempting to make an Apogee Duet and iPad work with the Allan & Heath and without...
  17. Sold: Leica Magnus 2.4-16x56 Second Generation

    Having sadly failed to find a mint condition Habict steel bodied variable scope I've decided a new Leica will have to do. With this in mind and before establishing the best shop price I thought it worth asking if anyone has the above they wish to dispose of? Many thanks K
  18. Foxy Morning!

  19. Please ID These 17mm Bases With APEL-Like 1" Rings

    They are very well made. Thanks K
  20. Sold: Kestrel 4500NV Wind Meter

    Neither Bluetooth nor Applied Ballistics equipped Kestrel 4500NV. Never used but I did put a funky lanyard on it which may me removed. £200 posted: And yes, it comes with the battery shim! K