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  1. Tim’s place?

    Looking at those calves and that nose, I’d have to take the Crocodile Dundee test before tackling the carrier! 😬
  2. What breed

    I had hoped my Doberman might be a suitable “occasional” tracking dog. But I have up on the idea pretty quick. First I could never keep up with it, secondly I doubt I’d ever need to shoot a deer again as she would probably just bring it back before I’d seen it and thirdly god forbid she saw...
  3. Thermal

    I use a Pulsar quantum lite XQ30 and find its more than good enough for my needs. It will go all night on 4 AA batteries if you use the screen off function. And is good enough to spot foxes & hares at ranges beyond the capacity of my NV scope. If you don’t have a thermal yet, you wouldn’t be...
  4. antler dog chews

    My dogs have had fallow antlers as the palm area are softer and they grind them rather than biting. Would never give them beams or red antlers, too hard and the risk of slab fracture is too great.
  5. Satisfaction . . . .

    Absolutely hat racks those pair, can’t believe you would consider keeping a cob on a pasture so bare. Everyone knows the kindest thing to do is let them eat until they get laminitis....then you can proclaim to everyone “I’ve no idea how they got lami, it must have been the frost / farrier /...
  6. Taxidermy

    That looks like the sort of display seen in a Bass Pro Shop in the US, the one in Denver had some stunning scenes.
  7. Attleborough accessories

    I’ve just been searching through my loft for some paperwork and come across a Brusletto Troll knife. It’s a teeny little knife maybe only 1.5 inch blade, and it has dealt with a lot of rabbits in my youth and it’s still good and sharp now. It reminded me of where I brought it from...
  8. For Sale: Bespoke Ammunition Cases

    I can’t say I need one, but that is one hell of an ammo case. Little bit of space for some gold coins and it’s very John Wick.
  9. Knife Sheaths

    Fair point about weight, maybe it’s not worth worrying about. I had a swing blade, but to be honest I was never mad keen. Swapping between hook and blade with greasy bloody hands always made me count my fingers after!
  10. Knife Sheaths

    I am starting the process of having a knife and gut hook made and the question of sheaths has been raised. To be honest I’m not sure which way to go. The way I see it there are three options. 1. Double sheaf containing both blades. Keeps them all together but could be bulky, all weight on one...
  11. Anyone planned their own Memorial Service?

    I’ve said they can break me for any usable parts, then throw the rest of me under the hedge and come back and shoot foxes over me later. The wife was not impressed.
  12. Redback Alpine safety boots These any good? Cracking boots the red backs.
  13. The Shooting Show

  14. Gaiters. Who is using them.

    Would never go stalking without mine. I hate wellies as they offer no ankle protection. Gaiters do so much, keep your legs clean and dry, stop anything (stones, ticks, thorns, water, snow) from getting in your boots. They save your laces too.
  15. Clulite

    I would speak to the guys at clulite, they are always really helpful and have been great in sorting any issues and queries I have had over the years. Back in the days of lamps (BT as it should be know, before thermal) I used Clulite lamps and torches exclusively. Both for shooting and around the...
  16. Pup import: 8 weeks vs 15 weeks

    Mally x Dutch, sounds like my kind of dog! What exactly are you expecting to “herd”? 😉
  17. Pup import: 8 weeks vs 15 weeks

    What breed Carl? Can’t say I have ever imported a dog, but I would certainly want the pup away from its litter mates at 8 weeks and somewhere until 15 weeks. I got my Doberman at 11 weeks from the breeder and whilst she was very quick to bond and be trainable, she definitely didn’t get enough...
  18. Shooting from sticks

    It’s worth mentioning that shooting off sticks is only part of the job, getting the rifle off your shoulder and onto the sticks while holding the sticks quickly takes some practice. But it can be done in the house and it’s well worth spending some time getting it slick.
  19. The Perfect Apple Tree

    Being as how we were rained off from any jobs here today we took a trip out to local nursery to look for apple trees that would fit the bill. They had a very good selection of fruit trees and had a choice of two Red Falstaff trees on M106 root stocks. They are a little smaller than I would have...
  20. First Stalk

    Well done on the first of what should be many good stalks. Deer stalking is the finest of all of the shooting disciplines (IMO) as nothing can match it for suspense, thrill and ultimately the yield of fine meat.