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  1. Idaho Boy is going home, thanks for the fun boys and girls!

    Back to those super potatoes too.
  2. Harness and vest for Teckel

    He makes them using a fencing sport protective lining which hinders stab wounds.
  3. Normal Life - when ?

    I pay 126 Euros per month in Germany for private health care and so far have had all my treatments done asap and am very happy with it. The wife has the German state care deal and she got first hip at 38 then the other hip at 65 and she went off to 4 weeks therapy in clinics after each op. We...
  4. UKDTR working again this w

    Nice to see proper work.
  5. RSPB cats and prey - 100m dead annually

    Eindhoven during the war had no cats, work it out.
  6. Moving to canada

    Emigrated at 21 came back 6-7 weeks later as there was no work. Always regretted it. Seems I am entitled to Canadian citizenship from my fathers side but being 70 there is little real benefit now. Just go and do it!!
  7. National Disgrace.........

    I do not have a sob story to tell, I get half my UK pension from the US for just 2.5 years of working there USA so it puts it into proportion. 7 houses on top sorts me out ok but only from 50 years of working full time. I thought this was an off topic discussion.
  8. RSPB cats and prey - 100m dead annually

    Milky asprin anybody?
  9. National Disgrace.........

    Just checked mine it is £148.49 pw the UK cup runneth over with kindness. I see Bliar has used a private jet to skip Quarantine on the wages he "earned?".
  10. Strongest QD Sling Swivels

    My pal in Germany had a set of this type that dumped his expensive rifle/scope down the edge of a hill caused mucho damage.
  11. Best place to get reindeer skin

    Brought one back from Finland in 86 as it kept loosing hair my other 1/2 made me dump it.
  12. 4X4 Estate

    Just bought a 2 yr old Impreza 2.0 at 22K km"s for 15000 euros and it has all those whistles & bells you cannot live without these days. Time will tell versus my Tata pickup which I am still using (I have taken it over to join in the UK lockdown it seem"s) stay safe.
  13. Legendary Landrover Defender Reliability

    Pay peanuts = get monkeys.
  14. National Disgrace.........

    So far in my two weeks back in UK I have shopped at JS, Tesco & Morrisons, in all three there were shoppers without masks walking around. Mow call me paranoid if you will but at 70 and with some intelligence hopefully I feel the threat more than perhaps a 50y/o and find their disregard for the...
  15. What bullet and weight did you choose for boar when using a .308 ?

    Ouch, so he broke their law then? Minimum is 6.5mm and so&so Joules "I am a spoilsport".
  16. RSPB cats and prey - 100m dead annually

    300 metres from a residence in Germany and we can pop a cap on them.
  17. Queen"s first trip out of lockdaawn

    Make your own take on it. I do have a weird sense of humour though.
  18. Queen"s first trip out of lockdaawn

    Is it just me or do others find her first visit out is to Porton Down? it seems a little insensitive to me after Wuhan was blamed for Covid-19.
  19. EU Firearms Pass, Post EU Exit

    Feelings and opinions not allowed in Jamsies world then? Old Adolf was a bit that way too. Hmm!!!