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  1. Hot highlander.

    Took this pic at a friends bonfire night. There was no fireworks as he has horses and livestock close by. It was just a get together for hot dogs soup and a bonfire.
  2. Man killed in shooting accident.

    Man killed in apparent shooting incident at Perthshire estate | Press and Journal Man killed in apparent shooting incident at Perthshire estate | Press and Journal
  3. Northern bald ibis

    We have a northern bald ibis hanging around the farm I first saw it on Saturday after noon and a few times since I don't no if it's lost or has escaped from somewhere. I think they live in desert rocky type habbit not lanarkshire scotland. I have not managed to get a picture of my own so I found...
  4. Yukon photon recording

    My Mrs got me a photon for Christmas I was wondering what you guys use to record what you see through the photon. I know Yukon do I device for viewing and recording video. Just wondering what other recording devices are being used. Regards Kev
  5. Strathaven hot air balloon festival night glow

    Not stalking related,but here's a wee video I took last night at the balloon festival. Watch "Strathaven balloon festival night glow" on YouTube
  6. Attractants for roe.

    I have a new permission which has a Christmas tree plantation on it. I counted 7 roe on it when i was over looking at the ground. I was thinking of putting some kind of feed station on it with my trail camera set up.I was wondering what you guys are using to attract roe to the camera.Any help...
  7. Cocktails evening song

    Cockatiels evening song:doh: I wonder where he heard that noise. Regards kev
  8. lucky doe

    A frend of a frend took this photo when he was out checking his sheep the other morning. He let her out and she trotted of as if nothing happened . Regards Kev
  9. Shows your pumpkins.

    I have just been carving a pumpkin with the girls. Its not a convetional pumpkin as the girls wanted to do a furby design. Heres my attempt. Lets see yours. Regards Kev
  10. man argues with goat.

    Watch "Man argues with spitting goat" on YouTube Man argues with spitting goat:
  11. A few pictures

    Here is some pictures have managed to take when out stalking. Hope you enjoy them. Regards kev
  12. Dog crashes tractor.

    Just heard on the news a dog has drove a tractor from field at the side of the m74 at the abbington junction throught the fence and across the motorway and crashed into the centre reservation. The dog was left in the tractor with the engine running and must have bumped the shuttle into drive and...
  13. Mistaken for a fox.

    I went to one of my farms i control foxes on when the farmer said to me that two boys that have not long started shooting a farm next door had shot a hare thinking it was a fox. Im sorry but i just cant see how they mistake a hare for a fox. They left the hare on the boundry fence where the...
  14. Another good day morning out with the big yin

    Out this morning with bigscott270 and managed a wee clip of his first buck of the season. Watch "Roe buck stalking scotland" on YouTube Regards kev
  15. New office

    We took delivery of my new office to day. This will be my second home for the next few years. Regards Kev
  16. Eclipse

    There is a eclipse happening over the lanarkshire area of Scotland just now i managed to get a pic when the clouds were passing so it wasnt just a blur on the camera on my phone. Regards Kev
  17. Top ten reasons.

  18. Cheek fox

    I was mucking around on Internet when i found this picture. Regards Kev
  19. Randy cow

    We were freeze branding some young hiefers today when one took a liking to my gaffers boy. :rofl: Regards Kev.
  20. Out with my xmas present today

    I went out with the rifle and my new nikon camera my mrs got me for christmas i managed to get a few photos. Regards kev