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  1. 6.5mm 100gr or 120gr?

    Good morning, I'm moving over to non-lead in my .260Rem. Currently using 142gr ABLR. I have narrowed down to Barnes ttxs. Will the 100gr or 120gr perform better 0-300yds on Roe, Muntjac and Fallow? First hand field based responses preferred. I appreciate these maybe few and far between...
  2. What stock options??

    I've posted the same on UKV but I'd but really grateful for any help from the SD massive. I'm looking for an aftermarket stock from a Sako M591 in LH. Predominantly for deer but also steel at range. Chambered in. 260rem. Needs to be adjustable preferably for lop and recoil pad height but...
  3. For Sale: Scopes for sale

    Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 SFP Very good condition. Illuminated TMCQ reticule. SFP 30mm tube. £295 ONO posted Rm 1st Class insured PM me your number if you are interested. It is the same as this: Ranger 1-4x24 except that it does not have ED glass. It's very good glass though. Sightron...
  4. Books on Sika

    I am not overly familiar with Sika. I've shot a couple in Argyle on a syndicate spot I used to have but it was luck over skill and the fact that neither were closer than 200yds increased my chances of not bumping them. My understanding is that they are relatively elusive compared with my staple...
  5. For Sale: Dies and Press

    Dies .243Win – Lee Full size & bullet seating SOLD .22-250 – Lee Full size & bullet seating £17.50 7x64 – RCBS Full size & bullet seating £35 -------------------------------------------------- Lee Press SOLD All prices are posted RM2c
  6. Sold: Vortex Bino Harness

    Simple leather with elasticated straps. Not warn. Like this: Vortex Optics Binocular Harness Strap: Garden & Outdoors £10 posted
  7. Sold: 300WSM brass

    Sako once fired x 29. £10 posted
  8. For Sale: . 22-250 Brass

    Federal once fired, full sized and tumbled x 80. £20 posted
  9. Quickload query

    Afternoon all, I cannot find my quickload CD and one of my staff has my laptop so they can work from home. Can anyone run a powder compatibility for 300WSM 24" barrel 178gr ELD-X. Keen to see results for RS60 RS70 and SuperFormance which I'm hoping will be near the top. Many thanks in...
  10. DSC2 Assessors near Lincoln

    Finally got round to registering for level 2 and I wondered if there were any recommendations for assessors in the Lincoln area. Plenty of ground to go at with a lot of deer so I'm hoping a couple of outings will be enough. Just looking for someone who's company is enjoyable. Thanks in...
  11. For Sale: 6.5mm Bullets for Sale

    Nosler ABLR 6.5mm 142gr £68/100 posted approximately 260 available. Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting 6.5mm 120gr SOLD
  12. For Sale: LH HATSAN EXTREME 12GA

    12ga Left Hand Hatsan Extreme with 3" chambers 2+1. Comes with five chokes. Well used but good working order. £150.00 F2F
  13. Free deer management

    From the FW a couple of weeks ago. Made me chuckle. Good luck to them though. If you don't ask etc....
  14. Sold: 30cal 200gr ELD-X

    50 bullets in an opened box. £27 posted
  15. Sold: Bullets .224 AMax and VMax

    300 x 52gr AMax @ £24 per 100 posted. 200 x 55gr VMax @ £24 per 100 posted.
  16. Sold: Stalking/Driven scope

    Low mag variable i.e. 1-8 or in between. Ideally small objective <35mm Illuminated for a bonus. What have you got?
  17. Moray Outfitting

    Just a quick note to say that I was lucky enough to be a supporters prize winner in the last draw. Andy from Moray Outfitting was excellent in his communication and put together a great prize of Otis cleaning equiptment. I will certainly buy from them. I love good honest and friendly...
  18. For Sale: Lh rem 700 vs .22-250

    Selling my .22-250. It is a Remmington 700 VS sat in a HS Precision stock and fitted with a timney trigger. Very very accurate 21.5" varmint barrel screwcut 1/2UNF. £600 ono Photos on request via email.
  19. Sold: RWS .243 Brass

    As above. Once fired. 200 available @ £30 per 100 inc Postage
  20. Sold: Ward d700

    As above with shims, mains charger and the very handy 12v car charger. £350 Posted