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  1. DSC2 Drop out rate

    Yes sadly I signed up a year after doing my DSC1 and went out on 5 evening stalks locally ( near Hartley Whitney) in Surrey at £90 a time and never got a chance for a shot at deer in season, frustrating so gave up and now portfolio expired, so now looking for an opportunity to get a better...
  2. Sierra Tipped match King .243 .95 grain surplus to needs

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  3. Introduction from new member

    Hi Barnesy here just giving some basic info about myself. Keen amateur stalker- have been stalking for 5 years, have DSC1 - (only 6 months left to get my DSC2 before I have to pay another £100 - so any ideas in SE please shout!) I reload my own which I have been doing for 2 years now and shoot...
  4. For Sale: .243 brass

    Hi there I have 100 once fired 6.5X55 S&B brass cases if you want to swap them, I have been using FED cases for the 6.5 and have loads to use - whereas the GECO cases in .243 are useful to me as have about 60 already. Love the 6.5 calibre - just does everything so well. Andrew