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  1. Quad insurance

    I use Performance Direct as the price and cover was reasonable and easy to set up. Tried some others but the questions and restrictions made it seem like they didn’t want the business
  2. Are we heading for another "Full Lock Down"?

    I don’t think there will be another total lockdown ever as it didn’t work as well as expected once Mr Eyesight went on his jollies. It doesn’t take a scientist to work out that thousands of people were participating in taxpayer funded non socially distanced holidays and then claiming that...
  3. How did you come up with your SD name?

    Following some betting by several RSA PHs, I was tasked with a challenge which I did better than they expected so they gave me the name Skietindiekop (shoot em in the head).
  4. Any Auto Electricians on the forum?

    Does the bulb failure lamp illuminate? As above with everything switched off remove and refit the bulb. Worth swopping the bulbs left for right too as I had a Octavia a few weeks ago that wouldn’t work the offside sidelight even though the lamps were the same but was perfect after swapping them.
  5. Any Auto Electricians on the forum?

    Give us some details to work out what may be wrong. Make, model and symptoms would be a start point PM if preferred
  6. Buyer Beware.............Google Is Your Friend !

    I had a similar experience with a Melbourne Tackle and Gun a couple of years ago as they were selling wellies that I wanted with free postage. I wanted to collect and asked for the postage as a reduction but he wouldn’t budge. Google showed some at nearly £20 less but I wanted to use them as...
  7. Posting pictures in PM conversations

    On Apple devices just screenshot as photo then upload as normal
  8. Hi from the usa - dakotas

    Hi and welcome from Derbyshire

    Done it for years and never had a problem. Usually lasts at least 6 months when constantly outside. Try it on a bit first. I think you will be surprised.

    Have you tried using swarfega instead of heat. Works brilliantly on car bumpers and doesn’t leave any greasy finis.
  11. Does AOLQ cover bison?

    I have had them specifically noted on my certificate for many years and it caused quite a panic for the issuing force as they were not keen but it was pointed out that I was far better equipped than they were should the need arise.

    We have had them since February and after initial resistance and misgivings I now prefer them. Ours uses ADP that you can log into or use the phone app. The last 18 months data is available and I can print off a slip that exactly resembles the old posted ones.
  13. Professionalism

    Not necessarily, equality for all calibres
  14. Professionalism

    Probably needs a bullet to the head
  15. Advise on thermal please.

    Option 2 is IMV your best bet for quality of picture v cost. The XP is a better choice with the 50mm lens but they are a lot more money. I am close to you if you would like to try my XQ38
  16. For Sale: Atv/vehicle gun racks

    I will have the moose rack please, pm inbound
  17. Anti risk

    I would have thought that there are easier ways to find us as shooting types rather than specific individuals. Most of our vehicles and clothing is a start for any local anti to notice if they are inclined to look
  18. Night Vision

    Just a thought but do you need the LRF as a standard Pard 008 should be be value? My range finder binoculars cannot range at less than 30yds
  19. Interesting post of Facebook..

    Yes he is stirring the pot but any exchanges on either public or private land while carrying a firearm should start with making it safe and being clear that it isn’t any threat. We only are hearing the side from someone who has been challenged for using a footpath as a cyclist and is deflecting...
  20. Hilux indicators

    You could be right about the column switch if there is high resistance in the connections. Difficult to test unless you can bridge the in and out at the column plug connections