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  1. Hello from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    welcome from carlisle
  2. Sold: Icotec fox caller

    if its not sold I will have it
  3. Wanted: Pulsar Trail and Ultra N355

    hi got a pulsar trail xq38 its been used for a hour sighted in had a look out later that night found its not for me as new
  4. Sold: Drone

    how long since clive had a look at it ?
  5. Sold: Drone

    whats your best price ?
  6. Sold: Drone

    hi you still got the drone ?
  7. For Sale: Pard Units NV008, NV007

    hi ian called you yesterday did you find a pard 007 ?
  8. Hello from the North West

    welcome from cumbria
  9. Vortex Torque Wrench Giveaway

    nice offer 49
  10. Best night vision for 1k?

    pard 007 on the right scope with a good ir don't need anything more
  11. For Sale: Dragonfly Laser

    hi is the dragonfly still for sale ?
  12. Wanted: Delta Titanium 2.5-15x56 HD SF IR

    buy a sightron 4-20x50 s-tac works better than the delta by a long way
  13. Build a night vision Spotter

    use your camera buy a adaptor off ebay and a 5x100 lens
  14. Hi from the borders

    welcome to the site
  15. Wanted: Side Focus Scope

    opticswarehouse sightron s-tac 4-20x50 for £425 great scope for nv
  16. lumpy rabbit

    think you could be right about rabbits in high numbers there has been lots on this land for years
  17. lumpy rabbit

    someone else said there was a few like this down your way. don't fancy cutting lumps of then cooking them up wouldn't want to give them to my dog like this one :-|
  18. lumpy rabbit

    started to get more and more like this one up this way. not nice for the rabbits