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  1. 280AI

    I have one built on a commercial 98 . It's a very useful round and is right on the heels of a 7mmRM . As Enfieldspares points out , it doesn't give you a huge advantage over the 280 Rem , a very useful cartridge , but it does gain some . I've found the difference varies from rifle to rifle , but...
  2. Cz rifle ageing by serial number

    Interesting , that's a new one for me , and a nice rifle . AB
  3. 6.5x55 BSA CF-2 ... value?

    Your welcome ......... post pics . AB
  4. Ladder trap for parrakeets

    Excuse my ignorance , but I didn't know that there were Parakeets in the UK . How did they become established there ? I assume pets that got out and started breeding . It's starting to sound like Florida over there , you have as many non native species as indigenous . AB
  5. Reduced load for Lee Enfield .303 No4 Mk2

    I've been using THE LOAD for many years in quite a few rifles , great for cheap practice and good for small game as well . I've also used the other above mentioned loads as well , also good . I stick with Red Dot for the most part because I've got about 8 pounds of Red Dot , at 13 grains per...
  6. 8x57 Mauser

    That 648 of yours is a nice rifle . There's the odd one for sale up here , but they sell pretty quickly . AB
  7. How heavy is your rifle?

    My hunting partner has the same rifle , great rifle for the money . He uses his for open country deer hunting , it is perfect for that application , very accurate . I've always liked the Savage 110/10 based rifles , they always shoot really well . AB
  8. Meeting SD members

    I've met a few myself , it's a bit tricky for me though , it requires international travel lol . Still , stalker308 has been out here five? times , and my wife and I stayed with him and his family in Wales a while ago . I met up with Scrumbag and HarryMac in London in 2018 and have driven to...
  9. 6.5x55 BSA CF-2 ... value?

    Oh dear
  10. 6.5x55 BSA CF-2 ... value?

    If you don't want it , pm me as to where it is , I'll buy it . 650 is a good price and you don't see them that often . That being said , your Majestic would sell for roughly the same amount , another nice rifle . A friend of mine spent more than that on a similiar CF-2 in 308 about three years...
  11. 32-20 into .310 Cadet

    Nothing , other than admiration for your commitment lol . Post some pics if you can , I love martini cadets ........... not enough to spend the time on it you have , but it's fun to watch . AB
  12. 8x57 Mauser

    Load it with some 195 to 200 gr bullets and it's good for anything you'll encounter here as well . AB
  13. How heavy is your rifle?

    You have to love carrying a crew served weapon lol . I did use a converted Browning 1918A2 ( semi auto only ) to take a White-Tail with many years ago , it was legal back then , I used my L1A1 for deer as well . Once was enough , with a sling and loaded mag , it was pushing 20 pounds . It was...
  14. Reloading175 grain bullets for 7x57

    I've always had good results with various 154 to 160 gr bullets in mine , including my current 7x57 , a little Brazilian 1908 carbine that some animal sporterized some time in the distant past . It's short handy and very accurate it might make it out for White-Tails over the next month or so . AB
  15. How heavy is your rifle?

    On average , about 8.5 to 9 pounds . I do have some lightweights and the only rifles I've owned that weighed over that were larger calibers like the 375 H&H or a few different 458 WM's . There's a time and place for all of them , but I'd call 9 pounds about ideal for a general purpose hunting...
  16. Synthetic ( not laminate ) stock for Ruger no 1.

    I may be wrong , but these guys are the only company making synthetic stocks for No 1's . There aren't even that many options for laminated stocks . AB
  17. Synthetic ( not laminate ) stock for Ruger no 1.

    I may be wrong , but these guys are the only company making synthetic stocks for No 1's . There are some laminated wood stocks if that helps . AB
  18. Moving to canada

    Definitely . I love it here and wouldn't live anywhere else , but it's not for everyone . Winter is usually a big factor with a lot of people I've known that immigrated here but returned to the UK . It can be very harsh and , more to the point , long . I love winter myself , it's an opportunity...
  19. Moving to canada

    Now I think about it , you told me where you where out here , and more importantly , when you were here . Prices have dropped drastically since you were out . To give you an idea , a buddy of mine just split the sheets with his , now ex , wife . They bought the house they were in back in 2014...
  20. Moving to canada

    Really ? I just paid 86 cents a litre for gas ( a bit higher than average ) , I bought a house for about $200,000 CDN ( no tax ) last year , not a palace , but nice enough . Maybe it's because I'm from London , when I was back last in 2018 , I was shocked how expensive everything is in the UK . AB