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  1. Can i legally shoot potbelly pigs

    I have been asked the question from a friend who has a small holding. He has 2 very unruly potbelly pigs. 1st can I legally shoot them and 2nd are they any good for eating, also would I have to get them tested. Any guidance would be most welcome
  2. Pard 007 / 008

    Hi all I want some advice on the pard 007 or 008. First what is them main difference. Second I shoot mainly deer but have been asked to do some foxing. I have S&B 8x56 on two of my rifles I want to use ,will the pard fit as the focus ring is were the pard would go on. Also how much will if...
  3. Help me out

    Ok its that time of year again "the rutt" for the last 4 years work has stopped me from being able to go stalking, so this year all is good no jobs that need my attention, cover sorted at work then hospital appointment drops through door. Had my fekin hernia op on thursday so now i am stuck in...
  4. For Sale: Myford Lathe

    As title myford super 7 lathe complete with stand and cooling pump inc various chucks, dies and tools etc. Located in manchester i will try up load some pics. £1500 ovno Please pm for more details
  5. Stalking/shooting lease

    I have just managed to acquire stalking and shooting rights on some great land. It's a done deal but I would like to get a written agreement so there can be no grey area's. What I want to know is are there any website or does anyone have a copy of a lease I could use and change area specific or...
  6. I think she's got it

    Some time ago I decided to get a dog to help me with deer recovery. After quite a lot of research and questions I found just what I wanted. Bella is a beautiful chocolate cross with a Gwp/ Hsv, I had pretty much the pick of the litter and decided on Bella as she was the largest of the bitches...
  7. Early christmas present

    Myself and the wife went up to my grounds in Scotland this weekend, firstly to drop off loads of christmas presents as we are staying up there over christmas and my kids and grand kids will be joining us for the week, secondly to get a few stalks in weather permitting (snow forecast). Arrived...
  8. Training dilemma

    Hi all just want to pick your brains with training my hsv x gwp bitch. My pup is now 14 weeks old and has been a pleasure to train ,I haven't trained a working dog before so took advice, read up and watched video clips. when i first got her apart from obedience training i tried her with pointing...
  9. Wanted: syndicate place Yorkshire to Boarders

    like thread says I am looking for a syndicate place for mainly roe. I have Dsc1 and am looking to work towards Dsc2 I am a mature respectful person and always willing to help in anyway i can. please Pm me if you have places available or know of any places many thanks
  10. Wanted: DSC 1 course north England

    like the thread says I would like to start a DSC1 asap I am willing to travel up to 100 miles from yorkshire if you can help please pm me Thank you
  11. New Member form Yorkshire

    Hi all Found this forum looking for stalking courses I have held fac/shotgun for 3 years Hold 22 Lr but shot many larger calibres as ex forces Have 4x4 to get about with I work all over Europe as an Exhibition Electrical Manager I wish to gain more shooting/ stalking experience