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  1. Reloading 6,5x57 , need some ideas

    Hi guy, i am rather new in the reloading world and try to find a good load for my 56 cm gunbarrel, it has a 1/9 twist. I am trying to find a good load for those120 g Nosler Ballistic tip. Used vithaviouri N140, N133,N150 and N160. I know every gun is different but can anybody put me on the...
  2. Wanted: stalking Suffolk

    Hi guys,, i am looking for a place to come stalking for red and / or CWD / muntjac at Suffolk. Hope to hear from you. Thanks Ronny ( Belgium )
  3. stainless steel pins media

    Hi , As myname says i'm a foreigner , coming over next weekend stalking fallowmuntjac. Looking for some stainless steel pins media to start cleaning my brass . Someone know where i can order them and let them send to an afdress in the UK. Will be stalking close to Cambridge. Thanks Foreigner