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  1. 6.5 creedmoor

    Or 6mmbr.Very accurate,easy to load,cases can be reloaded many times.
  2. Have you worked out your cost per round?

    Same here.Accuracy at all cost, everytime.
  3. 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm in the same boat.Got a .243 for foxing and .223 with dedicated nightvision.My renewal is due and I've asked for 6.5 for foxing in daytime and .243 with dedicated nightvision.Don't know how the fld will react to that request.You won't know unless you ask.Good luck.
  4. Renewal of coterminous FC/SGC

    My FAC expires Feb 6th next year.I posted my renewal application last week to Dyfed Powys police.They returned my application the following day saying I applied too early.They will only accept applications after they send out reminders which will be around 12 weeks before expiry of licence.
  5. Would you? I would..

    I live in a converted chapel and next door is the vestry and the cemetery.Best neighbours I've ever had! Never complain about my dogs or about the loud music.My living neighbours around the corner are forever moaning,even phoning the police to complain about me shooting.So,yes,I'm quite happy...
  6. Maxikite

    I have 3 maxikites.One needs a new tube as it's currently a useless 2nd gen but works great with infrared.The other isn't holding zero.I was told it could be the push/pull pins that need repairing.The 3rd maxikite needs regassing.
  7. Maxikite

    Does anyone,other than starlight nv,service and repair Maxikites?
  8. Reloading equipment in an outside shed

    Although I reload in the comfort of my house I do have a dehumidifier in my shed.Everything is bone dry and warm and the dehumidifier burns 250 watts of electricity.
  9. 6.5 creedmore

    Thinking of buying a Sabatti myself.Can't decide between the str and the st18.Very good value for money.
  10. BR2 primers

    Same here.BR2 all the way.
  11. 6.5 creedmore

    What rifle did you use?
  12. Parker Hale M81 - how good we’re they?

    I've got an M85,had it since 1987.It's the finest rifle I've ever owned.It came in a green metal transit case and a Tasco 6x44 scope.That scope is superb,not what you'd expect from a Tasco.Very,very accurate.
  13. Sold: Borden Action 6.5 PRC

    OMG! In my dreams!
  14. BBC’s new DG - Tim Davie

    I totally agree.I came across Al Jazeera a year or so ago while channel hopping and I've been watching it ever since.Some really good journalism and interesting documentaries.You get a glimpse of 'the other side' which you don't get on the B.B.C.I have been slightly afraid to recommend Al...
  15. word of advice !!!

    Yeah,and if you take your phone while out hunting some twat will no doubt call you just as you're taking the shot.Sod's law!
  16. Which forces are currently doing Variations?

    My FAC ends Feb 2021 so I'm gathering all the paperwork now.Covid has complicated matters in that 2 of my gun clubs are not requiring members to sign in when shooting so there is no record of me using my rifles so where is my good reason for having firearms if I can't prove I'm using them...
  17. Which forces are currently doing Variations?

    But they are insisting on doctor's letter for grant/renewal.
  18. Stolen Puppies

    Better still,toss them in the sea with their hands tied!
  19. Docs letter

    Handed mine in to the surgery last Wednesday.Got it back today and paid £35.This is in Newport,Pembrokeshire.
  20. Burglar alarm advice.

    Thanks to everyone who responded.I have ordered a Sentry Pro with GSM dialler for £319 from Global Gadgets.