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  1. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Sako TRG bipod

    cant even buy a new one! anyone?
  2. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Swarovski Nova 6x42 4a

    £250 and £240
  3. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: .222.50

    PM Sent Lots here from Cheap to eye wateringly expensive!
  4. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Sako 85 synthetic stock

    GRS Sporter
  5. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Swarovski Nova 6x42 4a

    glass is spotless tube needs some TLC no crimps or dings
  6. Edinburgh Rifles

    Is there really a good reason that US based powders are banned in the UK?

    Although never a good idea to just chase velocity three examples below match or exceed your previous load Not knowing your H2O volume it has to be assumed if your load data above is correct then the comparable Varget load using the case volumes is waaayy over pressure and compressed...
  7. Edinburgh Rifles

    .22CF for small deer

    Where to start.... (not all from OP question) Inaccurate rifle - ditch it .22cf bullet not exiting? change your bullet I have shot .222 50gr and 60gr SP of various makes (Norma, Sako, PPU, Hornady, Seirra) with shoulder and chest shots out to 250 yds. Genuinely never NOT had an exit. My go...
  8. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Sako 85 .308

    85 Varmint laminate Stainless 20" 1:10" ?
  9. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Sako 85 synthetic stock

    What about Laminate?
  10. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: .223 Savage Model 16 Accustalker

    Do you a good price on a new one
  11. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: PPU Brass (New x100)

    £31.80 posted for the 223
  12. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Lee breech lock bushes

    Yep New ones but cheaper than anyone else
  13. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Magnetodspeed V3 or labradar

    New or used? Have both in magnetospeed
  14. Edinburgh Rifles

    Fox non-toxic bullets

    Yes Pretty much, load a small you would any bullet of that weight Our factory loads are slightly warmer than equivalent lead factory loads but only in some cartridges and only through judicious use of RS and Viht double base powders Not through necessity
  15. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Tikka T3x Synthetic Blue 22-250 band new £875

    Also available in black
  16. Edinburgh Rifles

    Sold: Sako AV .270 Wood and Blue