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  1. Never again...

    I’m out weekly, but today was hard work - feel for you contractors and pros :thumb: So, I turn up at one of my syndicates today in the dark and get greeted by absolutely biblical rain. I rush to my seat not fussed if I bump the biggest buck in history - the seat has a roof. As comfortable as...
  2. Sold: Tikka T3 Super Varmint stock.

    Used good condition. Recently purchased off here, but due to my lightweight 22.250 T3 lite barrel leaves too much exposed either side of the barrel at the foregrip. Gutted. £100 posted.
  3. Sold: Marsupial bino pack

    Just wondered if any about before ordering from the States. Preferably large in green.
  4. Sold: Quality Goretex Jackets

    Having a wardrobe clear out. Musto Goretex Highlander. Very good condition. Size L. Comes with hood. £100 posted. SOLD Schofel Goretex game tweed jacket. Size XL Like new £200 posted. SOLD US Army Issue Goretex cold weather parka. Size L. Like new. £50 posted. SOLD
  5. Sold: Swarovski 10x42 EL Rangefinder Binoculars

    Stunning, but simply not being used. Used but very good condition - slight normal wear to the paint on the bridge and small mark on RHS lens (pictured) but does not effect the viewing. Everything else very clean. Comes boxed with all the bits with additional rain guard, bino harness and...
  6. Catching up with Curly.

    My trail cams have thrown up a handful of bucks on one of the woodlands I stalk, however with the brush so thick, rides totally overgrown and with the ground dry like crisp packets, it’s been hard work. Been out every week since lockdown eased with a Muntie to show for my efforts - it really is...
  7. Sold: Few bits

    Harkila Trappers hat. Polartec and Goretex with warm fluffy lining. Used once, like new. Size L. £40 posted. Still for sale but will close thread and put up again in a winter gear clear out RWS 2” sling withJack Pyke quick release. Used but in great condition. £15 posted. SOLD Ultra light...
  8. For Sale: Nash Carpcot

    Used once in France. Very good condition with the odd mark of dried mud. Structurally as new. Doesn’t smell as was cleaned thoroughly after trip, has knee guard and folds up nicely. 100cm internal long and will hold a 50lber ;) £40 posted.
  9. How to make a truck tub bed slide.

    Became sick and tired of climbing in the back of the truck to get stuff, I needed a solution. Looked at making draw unit, but thought they come up too high, take up too much space and to be honest didn’t really know what I would actually want to leave in it. Then started looking at custom made...
  10. Sold: Four 265x60x18 Continental Cross Contact tyres - 4k mi!es - bargain price!!

    Four 265x60x18 Continental Cross Contact tyres which is a mild A/T with 4k miles on them since new. Mainly motorway miles so loads of tread on them - great condition, even wear, no tears and havent measured but would say 8/9mm all round. My Ranger goes in Friday for some BFs, so available to...
  11. Sold: Rucksack seat chair

    Any about in good nick not being used? Preferably with a back.
  12. Covering all bases.

    Kindly got invited again to help try make a dent in a squizzer problem that a landowner wants help with. Working in tandem without a word spoken, 13 in a couple of hours. 46 so far this year in 5 morning outings. Was great to be out with the trusty .22 :thumb:
  13. Vehicle modifications on your shooting truck.

    Always enjoyed modifying and maintaining my cars to essentially make them what I think is better, or how I believe they should have come out of the factory. Whether that's bigger brakes, induction and exhaust systems or remaps on a performance car and AT tyres, underbody protection or simply...
  14. Trail Cam Guessing Game Competition

    Being up to date with my chores and catching up with the SD, it got me thinking about my two trail cams which have been out for a while, a very long while... Due to concentrating on fallow and thinking hard on the dates, I have not been to one of my permissions which only holds roe and muntie...
  15. Sold: Various car lightbulbs

    Modified every car I’ve owned and always started with the lights. Tidying the garage has uncovered a box of old bulbs as pictured below from some of my first cars - Astra GTE and GSI baby so 90s kind of bulb:cool: These are all pretty much standard bulbs, as due to laziness, the upgraded ones...
  16. Snow pigeon in my garden.

    Hungry little fella having come all the way from the Himalayas... Not scared of me, but then again, he’s probably seen Bigfoot.
  17. For Sale: Jack Pyke Hunter Oak set.

    Really good condition Hunters set. Only used pike spinning a few times. Waterproof and breathable and very good at keeping the wind out. Jacket- Size Large - loads of pockets, concealed hood, ammo holders, waterproof game pocket/seat (never used) Windproof fleece - size medium but comes up...
  18. Sold: Viper flex Journey

    Very good condition Viperflex Journeys. New carbon inserts and wind cowlings. Includes travel bag. £150 posted. Dibs secured pending funds.
  19. Still up due to visitors.

    Been up all night as my wife disturbed two scumbags trying to nick our Discovery before bed time. Third time in as many weeks!! I disturbed them first time two weeks ago going stalking at 4am, second time on CCTV last sat and now this. Following my neighbours Merc being stolen a fortnight...
  20. Sold: New style Viperflex top mounts

    Looking for a set of the newer wider and deeper Viperflex front and rear top mounts if anyone’s got any going? Cash waiting or + part ex against the old style. Pls PM me.