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  1. Sold: Nissan Navara Aventura 55 plate

    For sale as above £3,300.00 manual 2.5 turbo diesel colour - maroon mileage - 175k heated seats sat nav blue tooth electric windows electric mirrors multi CD player alloy wheels full leather interior this car is a fantastic runner and starter, average miles per gallon 37.5, car has some...
  2. Got my rifle back

    Well had my .270 stock away getting dipped very happy with the finish, thanks to hydro monkeys in Sunderland.
  3. Deer,fox

    Well went for a stalk on Monday, but ended up with these, all in all was a good evening :-P
  4. My first roe buck of 2015

    Well wasn't going to go out tonight as been raining, rain stop so me and dog went out was about 19:35 and was just about to give up and then I seen a roe doe run across ride, sat for 5 min then seen three running about in woods, I could see that one was a buck but thought they were not going to...
  5. 25-06

    High a mate of mine has a 25-06 and is looking for a load that is going to do as little as damage as possible, any loads/bullet type? thanks marc
  6. Nice suprise to my weekend

    Well off to Isle of Arran tomorrow stalking hinds, and to my surprise my deer stalking certificate 2 came today :lol::lol: well happy. A big big thanks to rob who I did my 3 stalks with.
  7. Isle of Arran

    Hi all i have just booked up for Arran in January, can anyone recommend low/mid cost B&B/self catering. Or post code of Arran would be good so I can look on net. thanks Marc
  8. roe buck 06/08/14

    was out lastweek stalking but only seen two does around 9pm and no buck. Went out again last night got to the farm for about 8, as me and the dog walked down the field I could see again two does walking towards the woods, I stopped and glassed the rest of the field I then see two more does but...
  9. First Aid Courses

    I keep seeing this 1st aid. On the course dose it cover gun shot wounds.
  10. Second buck of season.

    Well got a invite off a friend tonight so took him up on offer. Got to farm about 18:30 got sorted and watching the wildlife by 19:00. Got some great photos of a hare but left my phone in mates jeep so will put them up tomorrow. Anyway about 19:50 seen this yearling. So took my time a took the...
  11. First buck of the season.

    Went to a local farm I have, as I was there a couple of days ago and seen a doe and a buck but could not get a shot at the buck, anyway got to farm about 19:30 about 8 I seen someone on opposite farm within 2 min a doe went running across drive. Sat and was just about to give up then this buck...
  12. larder records and inspction record sheets

    may be usefull to some one.
  13. hi just joined

    Hi everyone i love shooting and also just being out there. Have done some sort of hunting all my life. :thumb: